2018 Winter February 10 Saturday

22 degrees this morning, no walk

“feels like 5 degrees”, wind from the north at 25 mph! Even if I felt great, I don’t think I would have walked this morning!

The good thing is that the “freezing drizzle” has apparently missed us, although it may come in later.

Received the sad, and rather surprising news of the death of a family member. Somehow when I got the text I knew it wasn’t good news, like most unexpected calls. Our Sister-in-Law had passed on during the night. She has been a member of our family for over 50 years and will be missed.

One of those events you know will happen, but it is still a shock when it does happen.

While we are rationally at that time where it is the natural order of life, it is still a shock and it always seems like it is too soon.

I recently read stores about how some (of course very rich) people have decided they are going to try to extend their life span significantly or even try to live forever. Emotionally that may sound good, rationally, I doubt that anyone wants to do so.

i always say I don’t want to live past the time when I can have a positive life. I definitely don’t want to “live” in a hospital unable to function normally. I think we all have a life cycle for a reason. I may not enjoy the life cycle I”m in, but each cycle has it’s positive (and negative) aspects.

Soon, as long as we keep feeling good, we will be basking in the sun and heat for a week! “Basking” may not be quite the right word, but we will be enjoying it! I really doubt we will be “in” the sun, since we are not the type to sit in the actual sun, but the shade is great!

The stock market has been “interesting” recently to say the least. Looking back over the years I have observed the stock market, I think it is what they say about the weather and forecasting the weather.

There always seems to be stories of “extremes” in which a few (or many) people become convinced “the structure has changed and the market will go up/down forever” and create problems for everyone.

As I mentioned recently, the signs were there. While I don’t know if Business Week has a cover touting that the “new structure” of no decreases in the stock market was here, I was seeing similar stories.

I think the one good thing is that history shows that the stock market trend is historically up, with moderate investments you will be ahead over time, although your actual balance may be up or down.

As they say “Bears make money, Bulls make money, but Pigs get slaughtered!” I think Jim Cramer says it best to “take a little off the top” if you are ahead and don’t be a pig. He also says “there is no such thing as a bad profit”.

Of course the main problem is the “lost money” perception, if you sell, even at a good profit and the market keeps rising. Rationally you know it is just as easy to lose money, but you always bemoan the lost “vapor profits” you never got.

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 10, 2018.

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