2018 Winter February 11 Sunday

20 degrees this morning, no walk

Feels like 5 degrees this moaning again! Hopefully a warmup will begin soon!

Celebrated a granddaughters birthday yesterday, going to funeral services early this week. The cycle of our lives continues.

As I have noted before, time passes so fast, it is good we mark the important events of our lives.

Yesterday we did take pictures. I think so many pictures now document our daily lives, we forget sometimes to document the important events.

While there obviously weren’t as near as many pictures when I was younger, an important event at all family gatherings was to gather for pictures. My Uncle, who was a professional photographer, made sure we all had pictures! Those pictures and other pictures now are important records of those moments in our lives.

I read the other day that the picture of President Lincoln that appear on the “Lincoln Penny” and the $5 bill were taken personally by Matthew Brady.

Other pictures of Lincoln were taken by his assistants, but you can tell the pictures taken by Brady because of his brilliant sense of what makes a good photo. The photos where Brady set up President Lincoln were instant successes, I guess you could say “went viral”.

Hopefully will start walking again and get back to listening about Grant again!

One thing that always impressed me about both Lincoln and Grant were there commitment to their wives. Lincoln, in spite of what obviously was his wife’s mental problems, and Grant had an easier time of it, although his father-in-law never liked him (according to the book) and did everything he could to block the marriage. Of course, different strong beliefs concerning the Civil War had a lot to do with that, especially after the start of the Civil War.

One thing that really illustrates leadership is the military in a war, as well as in such things as business, sports etc.

Of course the lack of leadership also becomes obvious.

We aren’t used to snow, so going to the funeral services this week may be a challenge, but I will just remember my motto of “go slow”!

Years ago we drove from Memphis to Little Rock and halfway there a rain changed to freezing ice I don’t know how many accidents we saw (a lot), but we were lucky we made it and I decided I would do everything possible to avoid driving in icy or snowy weather again, a commitment I keep as much as possible! I also learned the value of driving slowly and deliberately.

Fortunately with my current job, I can simply work at my home office, which is nice (and safe)!

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 11, 2018.

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