2018 Winter February 12 Monday

9 degrees this morning (-3 “feels like”) 18 in OKC.

Definitely cold outside this morning!

Traveling yesterday was nice, sunshine and clear roads in spite of the cold!

Had a really weird dream this morning about work until I woke up and realized I was off off today. Weird how dreams come up. In the dream I was keeping my activity sheet and I was worried because I hadn’t kept up my activity sheet.

A Funeral is somewhat of a contradiction. You are sorry for the reasons you have to to gather, but at the same time, you enjoy visiting relatives. I know we have rituals, to mark the important changes in our lives and I guess sorrow, regret and enjoyment are all part of it.

This posting will be late today, as visiting late last night (and this morning as I write this).

As I have mentioned before, one good thing about my current job is “when I am off I’m off”. While I do tend to check e-mail and voice mail etc., it is nice to know I don’t have too!

We will be going from extremes from 9 degrees this morning to (I believe) in the 70’s Wednesday, plus our “vacation away from the cold” is coming up!

At least the previous problems with cellular connections in isolated areas has been somewhat resolved, at least few haven’t had any problems with connections etc.

One thing I have to wonder about is the “self driving cars and trucks” etc., is if anyone really thought about the areas or “dead zones” where there is no cellular connection, where the GPS isn’t really mapped etc.

They are becoming fewer and fewer but they are still there.

I think getting out and seeing just how sparse much of the country still is makes you wonder about how they can really maintain continuity outside of urbanized areas, especially in the isolated areas and if they have really considered the effects of trees, the wind, mountains etc.

Coming up here I was surprised at how any windmills there area that generate electricity.

I don’t know if it is good or bad, but I read a story about how much money the “wind industry” is donating attempting “buy” the right candidate in even a local state senate race and you realize how much money is involved.

I don’t know how it got started, but “incentives” started for the “wind industry” that is literally bankrupting the state and now the “wind industry” is spending big bucks to keep the incentives even when they don’t make any sense.

Somehow it all seems like Déjà vu or “when will they ever learn”.
That’s it for now, Monday February 12, 2018.

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