2018 Winter February 15 Thursday

69 degrees this morning. Walk 34:52 minutes.

A huge difference in temperature from just a few days ago! As always with “warm” temperatures this time of year, there is still a chill in the air. The wind was blowing noticeably at 22 mph and made it even seem more chilly.

Not that I didn’t enjoy the 69 degree weather, like I will enjoy the (forecast) 81 degree weather later today!

However, the forecast is for a cold front and a possible “wintry mix” later next week.

While I don’t wish cold weather on anyone, we didn’t want to go our our “get out of the cold vacation” and have here be warmer than where we are going!

Pace on my walk was 18 seconds slower than my goal, not a surprise considering my lay off from walking.

I have to admit I wasn’t a bit surprised to see the story about career criminal pruitt, the incompetent who is destroying our environment.

Pruitt is back to his old tricks, luxury living on taxpayer money. The story detailed how he took high priced “first class” air travel, stayed at luxury hotels, accompanied by high priced “security” and “aides” (Who supposedly flew in regular class while pruitt flew in luxury,)

I was amazed by the “world junkets” he is taking, running up huge bills for luxury air travel, luxury hotels, high priced meals etc. while I expect he is also getting paid by the lobbyists and companies he actually works for, destroying the environment so they can make more billions while polluting the environment.

I wonder how many people are dying or getting sick from his actions while he lives in luxury on taxpayer money and shovels tax money to big companies and lobbyists?

Of course, pruitt plundered Oklahoma for years, using state money (when they can’t even afford to give teachers a raise and state employees haven’t had a raise for 12 years) for luxury offices near his house and hiring attorneys on state money to carry water for his buddies in the oil and gas industry and other lobbyists.

Also recent stories indicate he “covered” up the wrong doings of his buddies. What a hypocrite!

Supposedly he was flying back to Oklahoma on federal tax money to try to extort ore money for future political runs in Oklahoma He isn’t needed or wanted in Oklahoma he has plundered the state enough.

A true criminal, he belongs in jail for his incompetent criminal actions and his waste of taxpayer money.

Of course, he almost seems to be the norm of corruption and incompetence for the greatly enlarged and more putrid ‘swamp” the lying coward perverted lunatic is building.

Probably I don’t even feel angry anymore, I just feel contempt for the lying coward perverted lunatic and all of his incompetent criminal appointees. I hope to see the day they are all in jail, or at least vilified by all for their greedy, criminal actions.

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 15, 2018

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