2018 Winter February 16 Friday

45 degrees this morning, no walk.

No walk due to schedule somewhat (and coughing), but what really decided me was the wind! About 30 mph and I could hear it when I got up.

Yesterday when it was 69, and about a 20 mph wind was bad enough. Also I have a relatively tight schedule today, making up for being gone.

I noted where a year ago I say my first “Crocus” (or whatever it may be, to me it always is a Crocus). Haven’t even seen a slight sign of one this year.

Amazed to hear the excuses for career criminal pruitt, who is “administrator” of EPA in name only, and his excuse for continuing to steal public $ for his luxury habits.

His excuse for flying first class was “security”? I guess he feels like First Class is a “better” class of person? He travels 24 hours per day with a high dollar (paid by our taxes) security force who fly with him, it seems they could protect him from any public input (who are paying for his luxury habits) on his insane actions in promoting pollution and shoveling tax $ to his buddies in the oil and gas industry. A coward like all of the lying coward pervert lunatic appointments to the “swamp”.

No excuses for his luxury hotel rooms, or his frequent personal trips (on the public $) to Oklahoma to support his future political plans. Hopefully Oklahomans are smart enough to tell him what he can do with his political plans!

Of course he is just one of the numerous incompetent “super swamp creatures” appointed by the lying coward perverted lunatic, who spends millions in public $ playing golf at his “resort” and stealing public $ for his personal benefit.

As I mentioned before, it no longer makes me angry, I just feel a deep contempt for the bunch of incompetent “swamp creatures”. Pruitt plundered Oklahoma for years using scarce public dollars for luxury offices near his house, hiring attorneys with public dollars to benefit his donors in the oil and gas company etc. I don’t really wish anyone to spend time in prison, but that is where he belongs.

I don’t want to dwell on it, but I think keeping silent about such criminal actions is not an option either.

On a different subject, I am really tired of the phone, credit card companies etc. who think you are ripe for plucking additional profits for them when I call about safety or other matters.

Credit card companies seem to feel they have the right to waste your time with pitches for other products even when I am calling about a security matter.

ATT is the worst and I may switch my cell phone plan in protest. I called about one product and I got a hard sell for a product I had no interest and then was asked “why” I wasn’t interested! Being in a hurry, and on hold for 10 minutes, I had no patience for wasting my time with pitches for products I have no interest in.

Also the first representative I talked to apparently had no idea what he was doing. (After hanging up and calling back I did get a very professional person who provided me with the information I wanted without an attempt to sell me another product.)

I hate to make this journal a “rant”, but sometimes ….

That’s it for now, Friday, February 16, 2018.

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