2018 Winter February 17 Saturday

37 degrees this morning, rain, no walk.

Temperature dropped a lot yesterday, from around 81 degrees to the low 30’s with a high wind! Not a good change!

At least we are getting closer to Spring each day!

Start of the “vacation from the cold” (hopefully). We are looking forward to some warm weather!

Thinking of the changes in society today, but also how things stay the same. Last night, on my way home, I came up on a car suddenly stopped and had turned on it’s emergency blinkers.

I really thought it was an accident, but instead it was an older man who apparently had been wandering across the road, probably not sure where he was. Two women had stopped and were assisting him.

I was glad to see that human behavior still hasn’t changed, that people are willing to stop and care for someone in need.

i don’t know what happened, it could have been a stranger, it could have been a family member, but the helpfulness and caring of the two women was an upbeat moment, in spite of the condition of the man.

I think on one hand I applauded the women, on the other hand, I was selfishly thinking, never let that be me. Not something we always have control over.

Yesterday (Friday), I came to visit a business (an appointment) and a worker had just fallen through the roof. One of those times again when people forget their differences and gather to help.

I think that is one reason I dislike “ranting” an entire post. There is so much positive in the world. it is easy to target the bad and not recognize all the positive in the world, even with the negatives.

I read an article the other day about how we may be so seduced by “convenience” that we forget sometimes we are better without the convenience! I kind of understand what they mean, but it is hard to imagine life without many of the “conveniences” we live with now.

I have to admit, I look forward to “self driving cars”, the iPhone X with facial recognition etc. as well as many other conveniences planned in the future.
One of the discussion items was that “convenience creates conformity”.

Like anything, “convenience” can result in good or bad consequences. Something I need to ponder and think about some more.

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 17, 2018

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