2018 Winter February 19 Monday

Actually don’t know the temperature this morning, would guess about 67 degrees. I’ll wait and see what it actually is and make a note tomorrow.

Events certainly don’t go as expected, although that isn’t necessarily bad. Yesterday, we had about a 5 hour delay due to fog, etc.

Somehow, we just went with the flow of things, including some very fortunate “accidental” meetings where we got information about the delay.

I like to comment on positive things businesses do, and the Marriott Townhouse had some wonderful, guest committed people. Actually most businesses, governments, etc. do have committed personnel who are committed to serving their customers. The Marriott employees went above and beyond in their service to customers .

Sometimes I tend to accentuate the negative and I need to concentrate on the positive. On the other hand, you need to be aware of the negative as well as the positive.

Of course you have the current federal administration where there seems to be only negative, it would actually be hard to find any positive in their selfish and criminal actions.

It is always s strange feeling to suddenly find yourself in an unstructured situation where you do not really have anything you “have” to do, especially when you go from being busy to unstructured time.

It’s not like being retired, because retirement has it’s own structure you develop, at least from what I have observed.

This is kind of a free-floating existence where it plenty to do buy you don’t have to do anything! So it isn’t at all like boredom.

Actually, i haven’t been “bored” as such for a long time. There is the factor of being “bored” while waiting in line etc., but even then there are ways to occupy yourself. That is a lot different than sitting around the house saying your are bored.

Actually, I don’t think I ever got that bored even as a child. Considering that there was no tv, computers etc. I read a lot etc. and used my imagination a lot!

Perhaps boredom is a state of mind.

Of course I was always curious (not necessarily always about things I should be curious about), but I loved getting the daily paper, getting the mail, knowing what was going on etc.

Even with the reduced mail we get now, I still love to get the mail every day.
We’ll see how everything goes today. An unstructured day is rather exciting!

That’s it for today, Monday, February 19, 2018

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