2018 Winter February 21 Wednesday

80+ degrees this morning. Home is 23 degrees with freezing rain and ice. It is very windy here. Hopefully we will miss the ice and snow of this winter!

i understand they are closing the schools and some offices etc. due to the bad conditions.

It is a wonderful feeling, in spite of the wind, to feel the warm temperatures.

Somehow I developed a cough (not a cold but a hacking cough), not sure from what, but it seems to get worse when I eat to the point of being full. Strange. I’m hoping it will subside until I can see my regular Doctor, since he is more aware of my history with it. Right now I just need something to treat the symptom, not the cause.

When I am used to having internet at almost all times and places without a second thought, now I really appreciate that internet access! I have some internet access and wifi, and of course knew i would have some problems.

Probably the biggest change is the cell phones, not just being able to pick one up and make a call, use an app etc. I actually can make a call but it is extremely expensive and you can’t leave your phone out of ‘airplane mode” except for short periods of time. Turning off the data is really important since it is so expensive.

Actually it is a little sneaky to have charges like that without emphasizing how expensive it is.

I try to think what I thought this would be like before I actually experienced it. I knew i would enjoy the warm weather and I didn’t foresee developing a cough! In a way it is somewhat like I expected, but I can never picture what I thought something would be like after I actually see it or experience it.

I remember when I was a kid, I always tried to remember what i thought something would look like after I saw it. I was never able to remember what I thought a city, an experience etc. would be like after I had seen the city or experienced something. Since I was never lacking in imagination, that surprised me.

Perhaps if I was a better artist I could paint what I thought a city or place would look like before I saw it, but I think the reality is always so much more powerful than the expectation.

When I think about it, it would be impossible to paint detail of a city of place, since it would include the good, the bad, the ugly, the people and the overall experiences you get from any city or place.

I always liked the song “Paint me a Birmingham”, although the song is about desires instead of reality. On the other hand sometimes, desires are reality.

That’s it for today, Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

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