2018 Winter February 22 Thursday

78 degrees this morning. 28 degrees, ice at home. (Schools etc. closed today)

Predicting a high of around 84 today. The warm weather has a wonderful effect!

Spring is only about 30 days away! While I don’t like the continued coolness that continues frequently into mid May, there are still many warm days and the blooming of the flowers, trees and grass returning to life etc. makes a huge difference.

Being in a new environment for awhile makes you appreciate some of the everyday things, for example always have fresh cold water available. We like drinking bottled water and are used to having plenty of cold bottled water available. Not that water isn’t available or bottled water isn’t available, but having it available without scrounging for it is nice.

I have read about people protesting bottled water, frankly, I don’t see any difference in bottled soft drinks (which I don’t drink) and bottled water.

As I have previously mentioned, the internet connections and certainly cell phones are greatly missed.

Missed, but I wouldn’t trade them for the weather! Of course, I know about that when we planned everything.

Television is also limited. We get CNN and the fake news channel, so we only really have one news channel, which is actually ok.

Unfortunately CNN seems to feel that the lying coward lunatics tweets etc. are “news” and they spend an inordinate about of time on it, so it isn’t that interesting anyway. I no longer read the lying coward lunatics ravings and I am amazed the news media (including print etc.) spend so much time on it.

Strange to think when I was growing up, there was no such thing as a 24 hour tv station (much less a 24 hour all-news channel) or even very many 24 hour radio stations. We had very few stations with “our music” on and most of the time even that was limited.

We were wait until dark and listen to KOMA. Reception was spotty but it was better than nothing! KOMA has changed it’s format numerous times since then (I’m not even sure what the current format is.), but they retained the format when we needed it.

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 22, 2018.

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