2018 Winter February 23 Friday

81 degrees this morning (approximately) 33 degrees at home.

The warm weather is truly wonderful. There is no touch of winter air in it and it is truly a break from the cold weather, which I had hoped for.

Of course, like everything, what starts has to end sometime, we are now in the downward phase, even though it seems like we just started (somewhat). The timeless aspect of it is also something I like, not having a real schedule as such except perhaps eating and sleeping and even that is not on any real schedule!

I admire the students willing to state their case and take action on school shootings. They are articulate and show commitment for what obviously is a major problem.

I was shocked at the vile and evil representatives of the NRA. I hadn’t really thought much about the NRA before, but the Executive Director and the women who appeared were disgraces as human beings.

The thought of these evil persons owning most of the Senators and Representatives by plying them with literally millions of dollars is truly scary. Of course, the lying coward lunatic is their puppet also, I understand they gave him hundreds of millions of dollars.

What really bothered me is they sounded just like the lying coward lunatic with vicious personal attacks, lies and smears , so I assume he is jerking and waving according to their direction.

It appears they want to take over the world, using smear tactics and a lot of just flat out lies. What has our world come to when people feel they have to use these tactics? This is insane.

What is really scary is the way “Dark money” has taken over the actions of government Donors don’t even try to hide now that they expect (for example) huge tax cuts that benefit only them, and “quid quo pro” actions that in the past would have landed a lot of people in jail.

It isn’t even “Dark Money” any more. They are open about buying actions that will benefit them,

I am trying to be aware of how I feel in an environment where basically time has been suspended for a brief period of time, Perhaps “time” isn’t suspended, perhaps the normal living patters are suspended.

This time next week, I expect this week will seem like a hazy dream of the past. One reason I like to “live each moment” is that it really is easy to forget special moments in life, and it is good to appreciate them and mark them, even if the memory is basically a dream.

I have seen a lot of quotations about the “past, present and future” (I can’t remember any appropriate ones right now, which is ok!). It is important not live in the past of future, but i need to learn from and honor the past, live in the present and prepare for the future.

That’s it for now, Friday February 23, 2018.

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