2018 Winter February 24 Saturday

79 degrees this morning, 39 degrees at home

A rather strange experience started right at the start of our current journey. I ate a steak (it was excellent) but haven’t been able to eat any meat since.

I tried chicken and fish, but again I just am not interested in eating chicken of fish.

I was never a big steak eater, (although I love hamburgers). I think I ate steak so rarely I just didn’t digest it well and it is difficult to really prepare steak well.

I woke up in the night thinking that perhaps my body was telling me that, for me, it may be time to quit eating meat. I may try it for awhile, I may give up at the first good looking hamburger or hotdog I see. (It would be hard to turn down a corndog at the ballgame.)

Such are the “midnight” thoughts of a person who normally operates on more or less minimum sleep who has had plenty of sleep the past few days!

I have had a bad nagging cough all week (along with the undesirable effects of “congestion” and it suddenly got better last night. No medicine, no reason, it just suddenly got better. It had gotten to the point it was affecting my sleep etc so it was not a small matter. Right now I have limited medical options, so it was important that it appears to have resolved at least some of the symptoms,

Of course, while i type this, I started coughing again, but that seems to be one of the natures of the cough. If you “talk” about the coughing you start coughing.

Hopefully, it is the last vestiges of the coughing spell.

“The Midnight Hour” thoughts are always interesting. I think that is one reason I like my early morning walk so much is that I have a chance to think. Of course “The Midnight Hour” is a concept, not a literal term. i have a chance to “think” during my walk, as well as my naps, which can be short periods of “half-sleep” where I think free-form.

For some reason during my coughing phases, I had vivid dreams, which I don’t remember, but they seem to be recurrent dreams. Many of them involve paperwork I have finished, or am supposed to finish and procedures I have to figure out.

A discussion I had once was “which life is reality”, your waking life or your sleep life? Obviously I feel my “wake life” is my actual life where I make decisions and sleep is that time when we rest and sometimes subconsciously review our lives and dream about some kind of resolution to problems.

I could possibly argue that sleeping is an alternate life we have to our “wake life”, but I think that tends to get a little complex even for the midnight hour.

I do feel dreams can point out unresolved problems or resolutions to problems, although I can’t point out any specifics cases. So many of my dreams (that I remember) seem to follow certain patterns, which would appear to mean I am trying to subconsciously resolve the problem, issue or situation.

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 24, 2018

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