2018 Winter February 26 Monday

35 degrees this morning.

The difference in temperature is definitely very distinctive!

Flight was delayed yesterday, leading to us getting back about 4 hours laster than expected. A delay isn’t always that bad, but yesterday neither one of us was feeling great, still have the nagging cough.

As usual, the feeling of sorrow the trip is over, while a feeling of glad to return, especially when we are feeling at our best.

Just saw the headline on the newspaper concerning “highway debris” and the hazards they pose. Debris ranges from the huge truck tire retreads you see (Troopers call them
“gators”, they can be up to ten feet long and full of steel belt material etc) to even washers and dryers and the ever present old sofa that someone didn’t get carted off right or it fell off the truck.

I was surprised how much damage such debris causes . In this state over 116 injuries and 4 deaths just in the past year.

It is scary because it is so sneaky, a truck tire tread, box or whatever is suddenly there and you have to try to avoid it. Hopefully the publicity will hep people think before they throw stuff on the highway or tie down their load a little better.

A few years ago, I hit some old railroad ties. I was probably lucky, it damaged two tires and two rims, but I’ll always remember my feeling when I realize I couldn’t ’ miss the debris.

No meat yesterday, as I extend a “vegetarian” eating pattern another day. I’ll see what happens.

Today and probably the next few days will including “catching up” from being gone etc.

That’s it for today, Monday, February 26 2016.

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