2018 Winter February 27 Tuesday

50 degrees this morning, no walk

Definite “warming” trend, supposed to vary a lot in next week. Unable to resume walk yet due to cough, hopefully will get back to it soon.

Seeing a Doctor this morning about the cough, hopefully will soon get rid of it. Several months ago I took some medicine that seemed to help and then it suddenly seemed like it stopped working or whatever.

First day of work today, it will be good to get back into it, although it has been a lot of fun having 100 % of my time to have any “alternative” I wanted!

Today is an “office day” and I will be busy catching up, as always when you are on vacation or otherwise out of the office.

In a way it is a shock to realize tomorrow is the last day of February. Since February is a “short” month anyway, along with the vacation time, it really seemed to fly!

I was really appalled at the Nazi type tactics of the two representatives from the NRA. Nothing against (or for) the NRA, I really blame the leadership for going completely off track. They had become tyrants who became enthralled and completely out of control with all of the money they have and the politicians they purchased and were terrorizing the politicians they purchased years ago.

Hopefully they will get back to their original purposes of gun safety etc., but once you have two “leaders” like the Nazi’s who were screaming about how powerful they are etc., they obviously need to get rid of the “leadership”, which has become a sign of the problems of the “dark money” in politics.

Of course then you have the really nut politicians who wanted to punish Delta by not giving them a scheduled tax break!. Why Delta is getting a tax break anyway is probably a good question, but talk about a monster ethical and legal problem the politicians have, trying to use public funds to restrict the “free speech” of a company!

I read an interesting (and to me heart warming) story about the local animal control shelter here. They normally don’t euthanize any animals, except for medical reasons.

Apparently they have built a culture of respect for animals with the goal of excellent treatment of all animals.

Some of the “infrastructure” they have built include an on-going group of volunteers who come out and play with and take care of the animals social needs as well as other needs.

They also have a non-profit organization that pays for the animals medical bills, and pay to upgrade their facilities.

As I have mentioned before, there are some communities that seem to have built into their system “constant improvement” and this community appears to be one of them. I was aware of the quality and support for the animal control facility, but it really made me feel good to read about it.

No relationship, but yesterday marks the last day a week ago I had any kind of meat. Probably won’t last, but I am starting my second week as a vegetarian

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

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