2018 Winter February 28 Wednesday


60 degrees this morning, no walk. Foggy.

60 degrees! Still doesn’t seem “warm” (it is foggy and “dense”) but at least it will be nice today.

February of 2018 is over! That, I believe, means approximately 17% of 2018 is already over, which is hard to believe I think the reason time seems to go faster as you get older is that you have some perception of how much time is left! Even if you don’t really know when etc,

For example, I now can conceptualize how long 20 years is, in my case, I can certainly conceptualize 13 years. It is still a long time while you are actually living it, it just seems to stream by when you look back and realize the time is gone.

As I have mentioned before, sometimes you look back and even 13 years is like a dream, as reality changes.

Woke up this morning and realized I wasn’t coughing, thank goodness. I never know how good it feels to feel good until I am feeling good! It is such a relief not to be coughing (continuously) again.

I know I’m not completely over it yet (I have the same underlying feeling, although it is better), but at least it feels good to be on the “getting better” trend rather than the “getting sick” phase.

Probably one of the worst feelings to have is to realize you are getting a cold and you are “it” for at least 7 days, 7 days of misery and not feeling right. With the coughing, it seems to be more like 18 days, which is a lot of time

The Doctor gave me a shot in the morning, I haven’t started the other medicine yet. I didn’t feel the effects of the shot much until this morning, although looking back I can see where it started to help me feel better.

I am still thinking about our experience of the past week and one-half. Obviously would have been a lot better if we hadn’t been feeling bad, but we were probably feeling a lot better than we would have been if we had not been on vacation.

We always want vacations etc. to be “perfect”, but they never will be perfect. They may exceed our expectation, or be less than our expectations, they will never be “perfect”! I expect that is good.

Speaking of “perfect”, one of my continuing dialogues with myself is how long this post should be.

While I normally don’t have any real plans as to how long it is, there seems to be a natural stopping point (about here). Some days, it just seems natural to be longer, sometimes natural to be shorter. I also question the time I put into it, some days it goes fast, sometimes it seems like I am spending too much time on it.

Maybe it just needs to work itself out, so it is natural. Some days it may be long, some days short.

Another day without meat. I don’t know when or if I will resume eating meat, I really don’t have a feel for it. I just want it to be a conscious decision, not an accident or an impulsive decision. I know there are some types of meat I will never eat again, regardless of my decision.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

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