2018 Winter March 1 Thursday

47 degrees this morning, no walk.

Still coughing, hopefully can start walking again soon. I was hoping for today, but I expect it will be next week before I start walking again. I feel like my day is a little “off” when I don’t walk or can’t walk.

March 1 means “Spring” is here as far as I am concerned . I haven’t seen any flowers yet but have seen reporting of them on the internet.

It is always a day of significance when I see my first Spring flower! I am looking forward to it!

I don’t like the “chill” in the air in Spring, but it is better than the “cold” of Winter!

My MacBook Air is approaching 4 years old (or maybe it is 5 years, the years pass fast), but it is definitely the best laptop I have ever owned.

Of course the “connections” is what makes Apple so important. Anything I input to my phone instantly is available on my computer, iPads and other iPhones, literally like magic. One of my big old frustrations was having different variations appear on each device, so this is really wonderful.

I don’t plan on upgrading to another Apple laptop until I can get a “touchscreen” Apple laptop, so this may well be my last Apple laptop.

Of course, this summer I definitely plan on getting the new version of the “iPad Pro”, although I haven’t decided on which size yet. I think it has gotten to the point it is basically a laptop replacement, at least to a degree. If I need real power, I always have my desktop.

I think if nothing else if I need something for just access to the Internet a “Google Chrome”, would be almost as a rationale decision and a lot cheaper and I would make sure I got a touchscreen one. I tried one once, and it was basically junk, (for my usage, but I expect it was actually made by Samsung), but I’m sure they have significantly improved them and are made by quality manufactures.

I apparently have made the decision not to upgrade to an iPhone X this year. I had really planned to, but I just never pulled the trigger on it, and won’t now until the upgrade version comes out next year. No real reason, it is just I am lazy when it comes to learning a new phone when I still haven’t really learned how to use the existing phones!

Actually I have been putting off calling about one of my iPhones which has gotten slow after the last upgrade, mainly because I dread what I know they will want to do which is “backup and restore”, the first thing technicians seems to want to do.

As I may have mentioned about a month ago, I lost a “folder” in my “notes” app, which is one of the major apps in my Apple system that I use many times daily. Actually I lost the “folder” in my MacBook Air and my desktop, but NOT in my iPhones and iPads.

Apple was good about working with me, but hit a wall when they told me the next step was to “backup and restore”. I decided the operation was worse than the disease so to speak.

Anyway, the Folder suddenly reappeared on my laptop, I need to check my desktop yet!

Another day without any meat. Since I also have a low-carb eating pattern, it may be impossible to continue without any meat, but I will see. I have decided I am not going to be a “light meat” eater, it is either be a vegetarian, or a carnivore!

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 1, 2018.

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