2018 Winter March 2 Friday

44 degrees this morning, no walk.

Certainly psychologically ready to walk, still have enough of a cough etc., not quite there yet as far as being over this “cold” or whatever it it.

Instead of resuming sleeping when I normally wake up as I did when I was sicker, I now wake up ready to walk and don’t go back to sleep until I take my regular short nap. Habits stay with you!

I was hoping I could resume walking today, but I expect it will be next week. Hopefully I can get back to bike riding also.

I have become somewhat of an expert on avoiding germs (not that it helped with the last episode, but you never know!).

Today, March 2, marks 3 years and nine months since we have moved. As I have remarked before, it seems like both forever and a short time.

This also marks exactly 3 years and six months on my current job. I have to admit I have been lucky in my jobs, in that I love the work.

Today is also the day we get our new accounts at work, which is kind of like a monthly Christmas to someone like me who gets excited about the new accounts and the challenge of resolving them. I’m easily excited! However, it is reality of actually helping businesses in most cases.

I thought I had found some more fiction writers, I actually read three fiction books by two different authors. They were good, but they quickly seem to turn into using unrealistic techniques to make up for their lack of imagination or writing ability. I may try reading more, but I’m not too excited about them.

I actually went to a “book signing” by a local author whose first book I really enjoyed and literally couldn’t hardly put down, the second I quit reading and I have his third book ready to read! He was really a normal, down to earth person. The first book concerned sunspots temporarily knocking out all electricity (for about a year if I recall correctly) and the corresponding chaos of life without electricity.

The actions of the lying coward lunatic are becoming really insane as he moves off his moorings and can think of only stealing tax dollars for himself and paying off his donors and buddies with tax dollars and destroying the economy for votes. Note that a huge donor owns most of the coal mines, so the lying coward lunatic is eliminating safety regulations so his donor can make billions on the backs of his workers losing safety protections and the public is having the environment destroyed. Literally murder.
I read more and more about thoughtful people wondering if we will survive this lunatic and especially with the cowardly criminals in congress and in his administration He is literally a lunatic without any controls, all he can think of is trying to buy votes and pay off his donors and family and try to destroy anything Obama did . What a disaster.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hopefully not much to do but rest and recover!

Another day without meat, and I really don’t really want any yet. Somehow it all started when I got sick and I just couldn’t stand the thought of meat for some reason. I feel a lot better now. My only problem is I’m not sure how I can have a low-carb vegetarian diet. I’ll research it and see.

That’s it for now, Friday,

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