2018 Winter March 3 Saturday

50 degrees this morning, no walk.

Still waiting for what I assume is lingering bronchitis to stop. I feel reasonable good, but still can’t walk without a significant increase in coughing etc. Anyway, I”m making progress!

Watched a little Spring Training baseball recently, it was good to see it start again. I still haven’t seen any “Crocus” or similar spring flowers, but I expect I will see some this weekend.

Good to have a reasonably free weekend coming up. There is always some conflict in that you want to do something, but also it is nice to have freedom to do change plans as needed!

Started reading the book “Timekeepers”. So far it is as interesting and entertaining as I expected from reviewsI have read on it.

One of the first stories was about the fisherman. They bought some fish from him and asked him why he didn’t move to where he could catch more fish. Of course, he said “why?, and the story continues with their comment to the fisherman that he could eventually work hard, have his own fleet and retire to a life of ease fishing every day.

Of course his comment is, “I do that now”, so why should he go to all of the trouble!
(They tell it a little better than I do here!).

The comic strip “Pearls before Swine” has had a theme on this several times, and is very effective.

A lot of this is a personal decision, how to you want to live your journey of life, but it does point out that you have a lot of alternatives! Enjoying things like a challenging job and the relationships you develop, material things you can buy etc. and a sense of accomplishment is also nice!

It promises to be an interesting book. He mentions about the various means to change time, including a “ten hour clock” (which most people tried to read as a 20 hour clock, but it only revolves once per day, so it was a 10 hour clock).

I have to admit, I’m not sure if I really comprehend some of strategies people have used to try to deal with time.

One of the little guilty pleasures of life I always enjoyed in Memphis was that wide variety of comic strips in the “Commercial Appeal” They had a good selection. I read them, but I don’t want to take the time to look them up on the internet, since the local paper has a very sparse selection of comic strips.

My Dad would always say “I was wasting my time” by reading the comic strips. I disagreed then and I disagree now. However, strange as it seems, I do understand about “not having time” to read the comic strips. It seems to take a lot of time, so there are some I always read, and others I read only if I seem to have the time.

Another day past by, another day without any meat. At least at this time, I am happy with it, we shall see.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 3, 2018.

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