2018 Winter March 4 Sunday

59 degrees this morning, no walk.

Feeling a lot better, but still don’t feel can walk with the coughing. Hopefully by Tuesday I can start walking again. I cough etc. rarely now, but the fact I still have episodes concern me as far as starting to walk.

Thinking about the changes in technology. For example, no computer we have now has a “built in” cd drive, at least any computer we use on a regular basis that is still operational. It probably has actually been years since a computer has had a built in CD drive.

Many of the phones no longer have headphone jacks. As long as wireless headphones keep up with the technology, it may not matter. However, when I walk I use “wired” earbuds, mainly because I don’t want to take a chance on losing the wireless earbuds or just messing with them for that matter. Of course since I use a 5S for my audio player I won’t have to worry about wireless earbuds while walking for awhile.

Of course cassette players also disappeared from cars years ago, and I expect CD players will soon disappear.

Unfortunately, for some reason cars haven’t kept up with technology as well and frequently have erratic performance (or lack of performance) in their audio players.

I actually started thinking about this since I have a Bridge program I really like, but their support is erratic to say the best, none to say the least. The last time I upgraded, they were supposed to download it but never did and I could never get them to respond, so of course, I quit buying anything from them.

I noticed their latest upgrade offers a CD, which is the only way I would buy anything from them since I don’t trust their support. Fortunately I have found some other free programs for the infrequent times I play bridge on the computer.

We recently joined the “Movie Card” program where you can see one movie free per day for a set amount per month. We haven’t had chance to use it, but I hope to in the near future. (I decided to set a deadline and cancel it if we don’t use it on a regular basis.)

For years, we have talked about about we need to just go and and see a movie occasionally, and I thought this would be an incentive to try it and see if we really like it or not.

Of course, the problem with movies is that you have to commit a set amount of time to it. When you are used to using a DVD to record any tv programs, and reading books you can set down and pick up at your leisure, it is hard to commit several hours to watching something. Or maybe not, sometimes it is nice to know you only need to worry about doing one thing.

It is kind of like flying on an airplane, there is only a certain number of things you can do!

Another day without meat. We’ll see where it goes. I think one reason I decided trying it was I had episodes where I had a low grade nausea, especially in the morning. I haven’t had any since I quit eating meat, but then I don’t really think eating meat was the reason for the problem.

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 4, 2018.

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