2018 Winter March 7 Wednesday

32 degrees this morning, feels like 23 degrees, no walk

Enough is enough as far as the cold weather goes! At least I know each day is another day towards warm weather!

The temperature seems to be hanging right at the temperature where it feels “cold” but still promises warmer weather, that somehow never arrives. Of course, the 32 degrees this morning that feels like 23 degrees isn’t a “border line” temperature, but is just cold.

My coughing has gotten a lot better, the problem is I still react to cold weather (basically cold weather asthma) stops me from walking to any big degree. Hopefully by this weekend I can start walking again. If not, I may have to look at “mall walking” which would mean a major change in my schedule.

Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. I always like the “fall back” when we “gain” an extra hour, even as I regret the fact we are coming into Winter. Even though I love the fact that Daylight Savings Time means that Spring is coming, I always regret “losing” the hour we lose!

Daylight Savings Time also means the final rush on the income tax returns. This may be the last year we “itemize”, thanks to the huge tax cut for the big donors and lobbyists and the attack on the middle class by the lying coward lunatic and his band of criminals.

They even got a “public” $500,000 “bonus” from the kook brothers for their “gift” of tax breaks, tax cuts and the repeal of regulations to protect consumers and the environment. Who knows how much they got under the table.

Really sick criminals in charge of the government now, led by a disgusting pervert coward lunatic. He belongs on jail, not in office as he rips off the taxpayers with his “golf weekends” that cost millions of dollars and pimps the Presidency for his personal businesses. A really sick lunatic criminal.

Hopefully the elections will change that this Fall, as people express their disgust about the big donors and lobbyists “buying” legislation that benefits them by the billions while destroying the middle class, the environment and allowing the big banks and financial institutions to cheat consumers again.

Of course the “dark money” will be out in force as they attempt to buy more politicians and buy huge lying smear campaigns to buy politicians who will continue to shovel tax dollars to them and allow them to eliminate worker safety, consumer protections and environmental protections.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten involved in trying to change things. While I realistically know I probably won’t make any difference, at least I know I am trying.

Like always, I have to determine at what point it is worth the time to commit, even as I know realistically I won’t make a difference. I believe the goal is to assume you will make a difference and commit on that basis.

Today marks over two weeks since I have had meat of any kind. My last three days two weeks ago, I had a steak on Sunday, chicken on Monday and fish on Tuesday when I decided to take a break from meat (including chicken and fish). Probably won’t be a long break, but I will continue another day and not eat any today.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

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