2018 Winter March 8 Thursday

33 degrees this morning, no walk.

Continued cold weather, although it is supposed to get up to 66 degrees today. The last few days, it is like it never really warmed up.

Still reacting to cold weather with a nasty cough, so delayed walking again. I did realize there was no reason I couldn’t do weights etc., so I did restart my weight lifting and sit-ups etc. I was thinking also that we belong to a “24 hour” gym (except Friday and Saturday nights for some odd reason) and I could go up there if I can’t walk outside. No excuses!

Thought I saw the first Spring flowers yesterday, but it was just a reflection of the sun. I guess I’m getting too anxious! Actually I have heard rumors of sighting of Spring flowers, I just haven’t seen any myself yet.

At least I know eventually I will see one soon!

I always think, that at least I know Summer will come, but there was actually one year when Summer didn’t really arrive, due to volcano activity. The summer was extraordinarily cold and led to “story telling” by a group, which led to the publication of Frankenstein. I believe it was around 1816, I’ll need to look it up.

I hate to think of what a “non-Summer” would be like! I remember several years ago, it suddenly turned into a warm Spring about late February and never really looked back, it was like suddenly Spring and then Summer. It was a wonderful Spring.

That was an extraordinary excellent Spring. Most years, it seems like you go from Spring to suddenly Summer (normally it gets extremely hot around the CMA Fest, which is still better than thunderstorm and cold weather!

We are going to try something different this year and not purchase the 4 day pass, which allows you to basically get into the evening concerts.

We just got tired of the attendees who don’t have any consideration for other people, stick their fat butts in your face as they “dance”, block your view with their hands etc. Quite frankly, also the alcohol usage was getting out of hand and last year we even had to ask someone to stop smoking near us! (Actually Aliene told her in no uncertain terms to stop smoking or she would call security! The weak excuse was she had “asked permission” from people around her.)

It was getting worse each year and then the sponsor moved our seats to much worse seats (same price of courser). I assume so they could make more money from persons who scalped tickets etc. There is still plenty of free and low cost activities, so we decided to go rogue this year. (After I looked up “rogue”, I don’t really think that describes what we are going to do, but it just jumped into my mind. Not really what I intended to say, maybe “independent” is a better word. We can actually probably get good tickets to one or two nights, especially Sunday tickets.

Anyway, it is something we look forward to, not sure how much longer we will continue to attend, but take it one year at a time!

Ate my first “veggie burger” ever last night. Definitely not “fake meat” and it definitely didn’t taste like chicken! It was ok, not a “wow”, but it satisfied me and was ok. I still need to check on low carb/vegetarian eating patterns.

I really don’t know how much longer I will continue not eating meat, as I have mentioned a corn dog will be hard to turn down. But, not today, today I will continue to not eat meat.

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 8, 2018.


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