2018 Winter March 10 Saturday

49 degrees this morning, Walk 35:40 minutes

A little cool this morning, I need to get used to the temperature when I walk being different (cooler) than later in the day.

First walk in over three weeks, overall went well. some coughing, felt the impact of not exercising, but overall went well.

Pace was 36 seconds above my goal, which I kind of expected. I though about cutting my walk short and building back up but decided to go ahead and do the full walk and exercise routine.

It was also good to get back to listening to the “Grant” biography. I had missed it and want to hear the rest of the story, even though I know how it will end! It is a fascinating story.

I saw some yellow flowers Thursday, but I think they were planted annuals and not the ones I am waiting for to appear. I am sure I will see some “crocus” this weekend.

Thinking about the news, I am still amazed at what is considered “news” by some news media. “Celebrities” and sports etc. may have their place, but I am tired of sorting through the junk when I want to try to find news.

In my opinion”celebrities” and sports belong in separate section, they shouldn’t be in the “news” area.

I thought about this during the recent coverage of the “Oscars”. I know people who love the show and that is great, but I don’t care about who won, what they wore or who they were with etc., and i resent them being treated as “news”.

It seems they could have their own section and be done with it.

That is what I really dislike about tv news etc. You really only can speed through the junk news on tv on a DVD and you are still impacted by the news on “celebrities”, “happy talk” (or emphasis on violent crime) and sports etc.

As I have mentioned before, I am not a “video” fan, I think they tend to take way to much time to watch, and many are just self promotions etc. I never will understand how people can watch a lot of videos, or why videos are so popular.

I also wonder about internet advertising. I can make a casual search for something, and and the result literally for years is to inundated with internet ads, e-mails etc. I can’t believe such tactics are all that effective or effective advertising .

Another day without eating meat. Almost ate some potato soup last night until I realize it has bacon bits in it. Frankly I don’t think bacon bits in potato would be considered “meat”. However, for whatever reason I decided not to eat the potato soup.

At least not today.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 10, 2018.220

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