2018 Winter March 11 Sunday

54 degrees this morning. Walk 35:29 minutes.

Daylight Savings time, but I still woke up at my “usual” clock time (the usual time I wake up except it was the “spring forwarded” time. Surprised me in a way, but I had tried to prepare for the “lost hour” by going to bed a 1/2 hour earlier!

Air was “crisp” this morning, I don’t like to even think of walking in colder weather than this! My cough was reasonably controlled, I did have some coughing etc. Nothing I can’t live with.

Pace was 12 seconds above my goal, which actually is good considering how long I have been “off”.

Kenneth Cooper, the original “Aerobics” writer (he actually wrote it in 1968, which marks 50 years this year) thought that you should take off a day a week or so and rest.

I was surprised to learn that Dr. Cooper was born in Oklahoma City. He actually coined the word “Aerobics”. In Brazil he was successful in training the Soccer Team to win the World Cup and there jogging is known as “coopering”.

I googled him and found he is still running on a regular basis at 86 years of age! Something must work right about “Aerobics”.

Anyway, when the book first came out, I remember reading that he recommended a day off per week. I never followed that philosophy, I figure the times I can’t walk for whatever reason provide enough rest days.

I believe he originally proposed only running, but later expanded it.

I used to run quite a bit, but found walking was better long term for me. I actually had to quit running when I developed plantar fasciitis, which bothered me for several years before it suddenly went away.

A wonderful food doctor advised me of some exercises that at least controlled the problem until eventually the problem just went away. I can still remember the pain associated with the condition, especially when you first get out of the car.

I was reading the book “Timekeepers” One chapter concerned the Swiss and how they came to mean the highest of quality for mechanical watches. They have to be so careful they throw away parts if they touch them with their hands, since the sweat on your hands will destroy the part.

They have even been blinded by the compressed spring in the watch.

He didn’t go into the effect of digital watches and “smart watches”, but I assume it has to affect them in a major way.

Saw one of my favorites yesterday, Rotisserie Chicken which I really like..

However, I decided that I wasn’t ready to eat meat. Maybe next week, maybe next month, but not today.

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 11, 2018

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