2018 Winter March 12 Monday

32 degrees this morning, no walk

Decided not to walk, still some lingering effects of cold and cough. Didn’t want to take a chance, especially since today is a “field day” also.

I now have taken pictures of over 100 “Hot Wheels” and posted them to Instagram. That’s the good news. The bad news is I’ve taken over 100 “How Wheels” pictures and I’m not even really getting started. I still have probably 500 or so more “loose” Hot Wheels plus another 500 or so still in their original boxes.

Those are all “guesstimates”, I really have no idea how many, it is just a lot.

I also upload them to Google + and Twitter, although I had a technical problem yesterday and only uploaded them to Instagram. (A technical problem in the sense that one phone’s battery was low, so I had to use the other phone and for some reason they wouldn’t load to Google + from that phone and I forgot my twitter password I was using and didn’t want to bother with trying to find it).

Sometimes I feel I need to keep moving on a project!

Of course the good news also is I have over 100 pictures more than I had a year or so ago!

I still haven’t solved the problem of getting decent pictures, i just decided that it was more important to document what I had.

I have decided not to worry about keeping the cars in the original packages, I got them to either display or for kids (including me) to play with, I really don’t care what their value is (or is not).

The Hot Wheels projects is of my “continuous” projects, projects that I am working on more or less a continuous basis.

This may seem to conflict with another project, trying to “weed” the items I have, but it is one of those situations where I set priorities and one priority is keeping all of my car collection!

Of course the kids play with the cars and occasionally one gets destroyed, but that is part of the process also. I certainly couldn’t have the cars and worry about any damage they do playing with them. (I do have a few that I keep hidden!)

Some years ago, I got a “keyboard” that I could use, with my computer, to compose music for my videos and slideshows. It was probably more of a matter of just proving to myself I could do it. I didn’t really “lose interest”, I just developed other priorities. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again, it just took a lot of time.

I thought about that because I had mentioned “weeding” items I don’t need anymore and it is sitting right in front of me, taking up a lot of room if it is set up right! Another item I will probably keep, and hope I start working music again. Again, the kids see it and want to play with it, which probably would be fun for them.

Another day without meat. Wasn’t tempted yesterday, although the chicken salad looked kind of tempting. But not that much. Someday maybe, but not today.

That’s it for now, Monday, March 12, 2018.

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