2018 Winter March 13 Tuesday

33 degrees this morning, walk 34:49 minutes.

Dressed for the cold this morning, so didn’t really even feel it. I was pleased that I didn’t cough hardly at all, hopefully the coughing phase is over and I can start exercising and biking etc. again.

Pace was 33 seconds above my goal. I’m not going to worry about the pace for a week or so as I get used to walking again.

Forgot my iphone this morning for some reason. I almost never do that, usually I feel something about my pocket not having the phone in it.

I didn’t realize it until I was several blocks into my walk (too late to go back and get it), I kind of felt like I would have felt ten years ago as if I had forgotten my clothes! It is really just an essential item I’m not without anymore.

Fortunately, I was able to test if the Apple Watch really worked without the iPhone (it does). The iPhone picked up all the information as soon as I got back.

While I do have the “cellular” Apple Watch (thanks to Apple’s generous replacement policy), I don’t have it hooked up for independent phone calls. I wasn’t really planning on connecting it, now I may do so! A good excuse anyway.

If you want to read about the results of the lying coward perverted lunatic’s education policies and immigration policies, read or listen to John Grisham’s novel “Rooster Bar”.

In it he illustrates the ripoff’s of many “for profit’ schools that basically allow students to enroll who are not qualified with false promises of how much money they will make, don’t provide an education, and leave the students with huge loans they can’t repay because they aren’t qualified for any jobs.

Unfortunately, I don’t think he is exaggerating at all, I think many “for profit” schools are basically criminal enterprises, abetted by the banks who make student loans.

Of course, the lying coward lunatic appointed an absolutely unqualified, mercenary criminal as secretary of education who destroyed the education system in Michigan and now is trying to rip off billions and pay off her donors by destroying the national education system and allow the “for profit’ school criminals to really cheat and steal from student and the government. She has absolutely no qualifications for the job and should be in jail for extortion and bribery. A real criminal.

I realize this is a broad brush, there are many fine, upstanding “for profit” schools except de vice has already shown her criminal actions by awarding contacts worth “hundreds of millions” to buddies and even companies where she has a financial interest in! Lock her up!

The other thread is the immigration policy. No matter what you think of the immigration policy, no one deserves to be treated like that. I think the lying coward perverted lunatic is allowing the worst aspects of humans to allow basically torture and brutality. I realize it is a novel, but I have read enough “real life” stories to realize it is largely true, at least in some situations.

Another day without meat. I am a few days from a month without meat. So far, I haven’t even been tempted, although a well cooked rib or a corn dog at a weak moment could tempt me.

Sometime maybe, but not today. Today, I will keep on my meatless eating pattern.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

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