2018 Winter March 14 Wednesday

32 degrees this morning, 35:27 minute walk

Cold this morning wasn’t really that bad, it’s just that it was 32 degrees! Also, I am tired of having to “dress warm”, it is time for warm weather to come!

Spring is coming next Tuesday, March 20 at 11:15 a.m. I am certainly ready for it to arrive! Of course, it really doesn’t matter, it won’t suddenly get warm, but it does provide for a better frame of mind.

No, or at least very little, coughing during walk this morning, which is really good news especially considering the temperature.

Pace this morning was 16 seconds above my goal. I will get faster when I don’t have to dress warm and can dress light for my walk!

I mentioned the novel “Rooster Bar” yesterday. The specific “for profit” type of school mentioned in the novel were law schools. I have observed abuse of “for profit” schools and their ripping off students for “student loan” money and then the students learn they are’t qualified to get the jobs (and salary) promised them by the schools on all types of professions and careers.

One reason I bought Apple products is I can take them in and actually talk to someone about a problem I have been having. It is disturbing to learn that I can’t make an appointment at the “Genius Bar” anymore, except for certain specific items. Otherwise you are tossed off to the “phone experts”, who may be excellent, or incompetent

The one thing you know about “phone support” is that it will take hours as they go through all types of “try this, try that” and usually mess up your phone, computer, or whatever. Fortunately you can still take it in, it is just you can’t make an appointment.

Another reason I probably won’t replace my MacBook Air (especially if they don’t have a touch screen) with an Apple product, although the integration of all the Apple products into basically one system is certainly nice.

I am glad the basketball tournament is set. I was getting tired of hearing speculation about “last 4 in” and “first 4 out”. Frankly, I don’t care. My feeling, what is, is, and why would people spend so much time speculation about it?

I know the reason is that people enjoy it, for whatever reason, but I am still very tired of the speculation about which teams will be where in the “bracket”.

Of course, now there are several days of having to ignore the talk about “filling out the brackets”. I’m not criticizing, if people enjoy it that is great, it is just that I really don’t see any purpose in it.

Another day without meat. Today marks three weeks without meat. Today will be another day without meat. I may, and probably will, start eating meat again, but not today.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

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