2018 Winter March 15 Thursday

52 degrees this morning. Walk 35:41 minutes

Walk this morning was a “cool” 52 degrees in my opinion, much cooler than I expected. Of course, a major reason was the wind, which was about 18 mph, a fact I really noticed when I was walking against it!

However, my pace was 2 seconds less than my goal, which I guess I gained when the wind was at my back! It works both ways!

I was concerned about how the wind would affect my cough etc., but it was fine.

Today marks the real beginning of “March Madness”. The first two days of the tournament are always the most fun. We tape the daytime gams. In a way it doesn’t matter since they update so fast you can’t really watch each game separately on tape (plus time would be a factor).

If my math is right, there are 16 games today and 16 Friday, so it would be impossible to watch all of them anyway. We try to watch (on a delayed basis) the teams we like to win as well as the teams we like to see lose! I won’t go into which ones, since it really doesn’t matter.

Anyway, it is a fun time, even though in reality your favorite team has high odds of losing since eventually only one team will “win”!

I really become aware of time when I monitor the use of things I buy as they go from “brand new” to “experienced” (as a friend used to say, he wasn’t old, he was “experienced”. )

I was thinking about that as I note it is almost time to buy another pair of walking shoes, even with my days when I couldn’t walk. I keep track of the approximate number of miles I put on my walking shoes so I know when it is time to replace them. I don’t want to have happen what happened years ago, when I didn’t replace my shoes in time.

Another items I really notice is the number of miles on what several years ago (actually 3 1/2years) was a “new” car! Assuming the life of the car is 100,000 miles (which isn’t the case with most cars now, it actually is more like 200,000), the car is over half of it’s expected life. Anyway, it is amazing how fast something “new” becomes something”old”.
I have started weighing myself every day just to monitor my weight. I am amazed at how much it fluctuates, by as much as 7 libs either way in a matter of days.

I have a feeling that I will return to eating meat, as much for the fact it is hard to eat a “low carb” diet without eating meat!

Probably some day I will return to eating meat, but not today.

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 15, 2018.

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