2018 Winter March 16 Friday

62 degrees this morning, no walk.

Wind of around 30 mph this morning, I decided to take a break on walking today! I didn’t think until later that I probably won’t walk tomorrow due to a meeting, but I’m still not sure if I want to take a chance in high wind yet. Wind seems to affect my coughing as much as cold etc., may be whatever irritants are in the wind.

The wind currently has a lot of dust etc. in it, which is a real concern.

Yesterday was wonderful weather, low 70’s etc. I’m glad I had a “field day” yesterday! Hopefully today and this weekend will be as nice.

The Bartlett Pears are out in their full glory. It is surprising how they all came out at once. Usually it means there is at least one more freeze after they come out (just enough to affect them), but hopefully not this year.

I also saw some “crocus” flowers yesterday, a sure sign that Spring is coming!

I especially like Spring when all the flowers start coming out, the trees leaf out, grass turns green etc.

I recently read where “Spring” is called “spring” because that is when the grass and flowers etc. “spring out”, but I find that highly suspicious and probably not correct. I’ll research it some more.

A monthly newsletter I receive emphasized the stupidity of “America First” trading restrictions by the lying coward lunatic.

He mention that the “retaliation” has already begun by “trading pacts” which exclude the United States and countries.

The author of the Newsletter also mentions that 2,000 years of history point out the problems of “protectionism” simply does not work and “when goods don’t cross borders, soldiers do”.

Of course, the lying coward lunatic was trying to buy votes for one House seat, costing Americans billions of lost dollars and starting a costly trade war so the lying coward lunatic could try to buy another election.

What really concerns me is the lying coward lunatic and his vile, juvenile, hateful, racists attacks on his “enemies”. Even worse is the crowds of people who actually laugh and cheer at such hateful and vile language. The same type who followed HIlter etc.

Looking forward to a nice weekend. Picking up our baseball tickets, which means summer is coming!

Another day without meat, again had no temptation or desire for me. Someday that may change, but not today.

That’s it for now, Friday, March 16, 2018.

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