2018 Winter March 17 Saturday

45 degrees this morning, no walk.

One of the problems with with this time of year is the variation in temperature. One day it will be in the 80’s, the next day in the 30’s. You get your hopes up and then it suddenly gets cool again.

Didn’t walk this morning due to an morning meeting. It is a local “Neighborhoods of the city” type meeting in the city we live in and I feel it is important to go.

I figure one way I can help keep an excellent city excellent is to get involved whenever possible.

i recently read where the kook brothers are using one of their tax-exempt fake think tanks to spend millions to spread their propaganda by “giving’ it to schools. The “history” of course is junk, with a highly selective history that spreads their type of thinking. Makes me sick. Can’t blame the teachers, when the states don’t fund education so they can cater to their donors and lobbyists and then you have this disease come into our education system. It is truly a disease.

I am simply enraged at the recently firing of an FBI person several days before retirement, just as a political vengeance by a bunch of coward criminals who happen to be in charge now. Talk about a sadistic, vile, person who should not be in charge of anything but living in a jail cell.

Hopefully he will sue and get his full retirement and perhaps get some personal punitive damages.

It demonstrates the vindictive, juvenile, vile, sub-animal type of thinking resulting from he lying coward perverted lunatic. He has a bunch of “yes people” who have learned they can get what they want by fake flattery, and the lying coward perverted lunatic is losing complete touch with reality since he has a bunch of cowards who are scared to tell him the truth.

That includes fake fox news, which is a criminal enterprise with their lies and twisting of the news just so the lying coward lunatic will watch it and react to it. What a fiasco!

What is scary is the lying coward lunatic is so enchanted by the make believe world of tv, he is hiring cable news people who have no experience to run the government because he likes to have “tv stars” around him and sucking up to him!

A true dystopia, except unfortunately it is a true nightmare.

The Bartlett Pears are truly beautiful when they are blooming. However many Foresters etc. recommend you “do the environment a favor and cut them down”. They have very weak branch structures and are short lived (about 20 years) when they do everyone a favor and fall apart. I know some Foresters who hate Bartlett Pears.

I read one entry that said “if a nursery sells Bartlett Pear trees it is not a good nursery” saying that a legitimate nursery will not sell them. Apparently the Bartlett Pears, while sterile, cross pollinate with other pear trees with long thorns etc and they tend to kill “legitimate” hardwood trees.

They also stink, get a lot bigger than they are supposed to, and grass doesn’t grow under them.

The overall them of Foresters is to “save the world, cut down your Bartlett Pear”!

I have seen Foresters get very passionate about this and some cites (such as Pittsburgh) have banned them. They consider them in the same concept as Kudzu taking over the South (I’ve personally seen this) and Burmese Pythons taking over the Everglades and even eating alligators. (Thankfully, I haven’t seen that!)

I ignored a free hamburger and other free meat sandwiches yesterday! Maybe I am serious about not eating meat when I ignore a free sandwich. Anyway, no meat today.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 17, 2018.

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