2018 Winter March 19 Monday

60 degrees this morning, walk 35:33 minutes

It was definitely a “cool” 60 degrees this morning! There was about an 18 mph wind and it definitely significantly lowered the temperature! I felt cold, at least at first and even used light gloves, something I normally don’t normally do until it is below 32 degrees!

Strange that it was 60 degrees when I got up and now (about two hours later) it is 53 degrees!

Fortunately my “internal furnace” started after I started walking and I didn’t notice the cold.

Listening to the biography of “Grant” also helped, since it is is such well written and interesting book.

One of my favorite all-time authors is Tony Hillerman, who wrote primarily of American Indian life in Arizona. The books primarily focused on law enforcement and were entertaining as well as educational.

I met him years ago at a book signing (actually, it was a National Cowboy Hall of Fame fund raising dinner) and he signed a book for me. I faithfully purchased many of his books rather than just reading them from the library. He passed away a few years ago.

I mention this since I recently (like yesterday) finished a similar novel plot, based in Oklahoma and it reminded me of his novels.

Probably not quite as well written (it was her first novel), but it was entertaining, educational and kept my interest from the start of finish. (Demonstrated by the fact I read it in two days, a rare thing any more).

I have her second novel (on loan from the library) and she has published a third one, so I am looking forward to it.

Out of curiously, I checked this morning, and I have written 2010 posts since I first started blogging on a “regular” basis back in March 15, 2005.

Since June 13, 2013, I have blogged on a daily basis and have posted every day, with the exception of a day when I wrote a blog, but forgot to post it and deleted the original! Since then I always save the original for several days.

I also didn’t post my blog daily on our trip to China, but I did write one daily and posted all of them after we got home for obvious reasons.

The last two days of “the Winter of 2018”, more to be remembered for our bronchitis than any bad weather, although we were away in “Warm Weather”!!! during the ice storms! Good Planning!

Today I won’t be eating meat again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, but not today. In just a few days (March 22), it will be a month since I have eaten meat. Don’t know if it is good or bad, or probably neutral.

That’s it for now, Monday, March 19, 2018.

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