2018 Spring March 22 Thursday

48 degrees this morning, no walk.

Beautiful day yesterday, no wind. Didn’t walk this morning due to schedule today.

Yesterday was a true “Spring day”, which I throughly enjoyed!

As I mentioned yesterday, it is rather surprising, perhaps not, to see the “piling on” on Facebook, canceling Facebook etc. It seems like a bunch of yapping dogs going after a rabbit. Soon people who drop it will be sneaking back on.

Not trying to defend Facebook, it just seems like it is an over-reaction.

However, I also feel that many people are so angry because there is no alternative and people somewhat trusted it, so it is a logical reaction to be angry and disappointed about it.

However, it is not much different than the “junk news” about “celebrities”, sports etc. that are emphasized by some news media. At least when it is on the newspaper etc., I can just skip over it, and even on tv, as long as it is copied we can just speed past it.

I am on the last year of the “Sopranos”, the series on the mafia family. I’m not sure how long I have been watching it, considering it is probably roughly 13 shows for six years, it would be roughly 78 hours, if I am figuring right.

I’m not real sure why I am watching it, and am sorry it is ending. It was starting to show signs of lack of creatively, but there is only so many themes you can have in a show like that.

What has been interesting is the denial and the compromises people make to justify their behavior and the behavior of others.

i watch it only when I am on my lunch break while I am “in the field” and when we are hanging out at Starbucks, so it has taken me some time to watch it

I am starting to think what I will watch next. Probably try to pick up on some movies I have always thought about watching “when I get “a round tu it”. I can’t think of any more series I’d like to watch, although of course I never thought I’d enjoy “Dowton Abbey” or the Sopranos so much.

I have been thinking about how “Downton Abbey” and the “Sopranos” are somewhat the same in a lot of ways. (A leader who has basically absolute power, a wife who has her own quiet power, children and a host of characters with their own weaknesses and strengths etc’.)

Probably the series I’d like to watch sometime is reruns of “Hill Street Blues”, but I expect it would be so dated now, it would be hard to really enjoy. Even the Sopranos would surprise me at times with dated references.

Starting on my second “Tony Hillerman” type of novel, I think she has learned from her first novel and it is even better. I am looking forward to it.

No meat or temptations yesterday to eat meat. Who knows when I will eat meat, perhaps tempted by a hamburger or chicken, or a corn dog. But, not today.

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 22, 2018.

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