2018 Spring March 23 Friday

63 degrees this morning, walk 34:40 minutes

Coolish 63 degrees this morning, especially when I first started walking and before my “internal furnace” kicked in. I even was wishing I had bought my gloves along.

This was one of my longest walks for some reason. (To put it in perspective, the difference between my longest walk and my shortest is the difference between x.11 and x.21 miles.)

I still can’t figure out how my walk differs so much. Perhaps the way I take the curves or turn around a corner.

Pace this morning was 20 seconds faster than my goal, which is great.

If it wasn’t so tragic, the image of the lying coward lunatic hiring incompetent “talking heads” he sees on his sick obsessive tv watching would be funny. The idea of some lunatic so out of touch with reality that he thinks a bunch of liars on fox non-news are competent to run a billion dollar department is insane.

The lying coward lunatic is confusing reality with his obsessive need for having obsequious, flattering liars around him telling him how good he is. A really sick dangerous lunatic, especially when he no longer has any competent people around him, only those who kow tow and lie about how good he is.

Wonderful weather the last few days. There was a wind for a few hours yesterday, but it settled down.

It is wonderful to wear shorts, a t shirt and scandals again, even if it is only for a few isolated days at a time until Summer truly gets here!

Concerning “March Madness”, I have to wonder if the “selection committee” needs to reconsider how they rate basketball teams. When a few upsets occur that is one thing, when the lower ranked teams routinely beat the higher ranked teams, it is probably an error in the rating of the the teams.

Looking at a new “app” designed to replace a bunch of other apps. It is supposed to help you keep appointments, maintain information etc. I am always suspicious of new “apps”, but I thought I would try this one after reading about it in the Wall Street Journal.

I have become very resultant to even try many new “apps”, since so many do not live up to expectations or I simply don’t need them.

I am still trying to figure out “Evernote” and how it will work in my daily life.

Another day of the vegetarian life. Not really tempted yesterday, actually haven’t been really tempted since I stopped eating meat. Again, I don’t know when I will resume eating meat, but at least today I won’t eat any meat. Maybe tomorrow or next week, but not today.

That’s it for now, Friday, March 23, 2018.

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