2018 Spring March 24 Saturday

70 degrees this morning (18 mph winds), walk 35:07 minutes.

I was sure it would be “colder than expected” this morning due to the wind. It was a little cool for 70 degrees, but I also dressed a little too warm!

Strangely enough, it is supposed to be 59 degrees by sunrise! Quite a change.

Pace was 15 seconds slower than my goal. Somehow I feel like I won’t be changing my goal anytime soon! I’m not about to make it slower and I don’t think I will be able to make my goal faster.

There wouldn’t be much reason to set a goal I can’t reach! Once I start meeting my goal on a regular basis, I could start to lower it some, but I haven’t been meeting my current gaol even.

Of closure, by definition, a goal isn’t something you are meeting all the time!

I don’t really think about meeting the goal when I am walking, I am just walking and not really thinking about how fast I am gone.

Learned a couple of interesting things about Grant this morning. He ate very little, frequently his supper was a head of boiled cabbage and cornbread, and his breakfast was a cucumber and coffee! Reports said he “ate like a bird”.

Actually I have heard a bird eats a lot considering it’s weight, since it needs to because it is spending so much energy flying etc.

He also could go to sleep anywhere, they mentioned could lie down on a muddy road and be asleep in two minutes!

I was amused to read on Facebook that “non-news Fox” was trying to raise dire warnings about a “liberal” CNN monopoly in airports where CNN ran stories “making fun” of the lying coward lunatic. CNN “liberal?” I hardly think so.

Typical of the criminal lying that fox non-news does and their extreme attempt to influence and flatter the lying coward lunatic to attempt to influence him since he responds of flattery so well. Probably want a presidential order to carry only the lying non-news network in all airports!

A bunch of really sick, greedy, unprofessional and unethical people at that non-news network.

Of course what makes it worse is the lying coward lunatic is living in such an unreal world he believes the lying flattery they spout and is hiring the unethical, incompetent announcers to run the government! Apparently he is in such an unreality spot, he thinks the announcers are part of his world!

Just hoping the next 3 years will pass fast and especially that the elections will elect enough opposition to block the lunatic the last two years.

I remember when I was growing up on the farm, we frequently would end up eating animals we had made into pets. “Dolly the chicken” would end up on the table. We frequently would get upset, but it was kind of a natural order and we were hungry! I still remember the sad look on my mother when she chopped the head off of a chicken to eat.

Continuing in my eating pattern of not eating meat. Who knows when I will eat meat again, except I know I will not eat any meat today.

That’s it for now, Saturday, March 24, 2018.2

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