2018 Spring March 25 Sunday

49 degrees this morning, walk 34.50 minutes

Unexpectedly cold walk this morning, 49 degrees is always a tough temperature to get ready for. This morning it was definitely on the cold side. I bought my gloves and didn’t put them on.

During my walk, it is normally very quiet, with little traffic, usually no cars at all. There is a lake with some geese on it, who seem to enjoy making a lot of noise when I am coming by and surprising me. Probably my heart rate jumps up significantly for at least a little bit when they surprise me!

My pace was two seconds ahead of my goal, which made me feel good! Hopefully I can start beating my goal, so i can change ii!

Completed reading “Time Keepers”. One unusual project is the “The Clock”, which is literally a 24 hour movie, based on film clips that show the time in the film clip.

The movie actually lasts 24 hours, although is is only actually played the entire 24 hours several time during the year. Normally it is showed during regular business hours.
Since the time is correct to the actual minute where the move is being shown.

The author also mentioned something about the movie presenting a new concept of time.

He also mentioned another concept, actually drawn on a commercial slogan. Generally, the slogan said you don’’ really own something, you are just holding it in trust for further generations!

Actually when I think about it, the idea you are holding someone in trust for future generations, it provides a whole new way of looking at how you handle things.

Within a week, the first quarter of the year 20018 is over! Amazing how fast time goes.

We are looking at improvements/repairs the house needs. The really difficult part is finding competent people to do the work.

We have already had two “no shows/no calls”. Most of he work is relatively minor, but it is something we need to get done. I really wonder how some people stay in business.

No meat yesterday. I did have several young kids come by selling sausage, hamburger an BBQ (or something like that) for raising funds for their school project and I had to tell them I didn’t eat meat!
I didn’t say that just for today at least I’m not eating meeting. I did succumb to the peanut butter Girl Scout cookies though!

That’s it for now, Sunday, March 25, 2018.







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