2018 Spring March 27 Tuesday

55 degrees this morning, walk 34:29 minutes

Temperature during my walk seemed colder than 55 degrees. There was a light rain (started off primarily as a sprinkle and didn’t really get any heavier until the end of my walk) that probably made it seem cooler.

I thought about cutting my walk short due to the rain, but decided it wasn’t that bad. I do have one stretch that is “the point of no return” (the point that I can’t cut the walk short) that I thought it probably would start raining harder right as I got there, but fortunately it didn’t happen!

I thought my “pace” would be fast since I was walking faster to avoid the rain, but my pace was 9 seconds slower than my goal.

I thought about skipping my walk this morning when I saw it was sprinkling (I would have if it was raining harder), but since I have an “office day” day, I won’t get the exercise I normally get on a “field day”.

I see many stupid and inane things, but I don’t think I have ever seen anything more stupid and wasteful than a recent State law about “driving in the left lane”.

First, it is vague and probably really unenforceable. It also is wasteful, they probably spent millions on signs warning people about “driving in the left lane prohibited”.

Then there is simply the waste of valuable State Troopers time and efforts on enforcing such a vague and stupid law rather than enforcing violations that are more safety related.

I think it is insane to have a fine of $241 for such a vague law. Frankly, if I am driving where “merging” drivers are, I will be in the left lane.

Basically there is already laws (impeding traffic etc.) they can use if someone is really creating problems by camping in the left lane.

In my mind, I see a State Senator or Representative who is “term limited”, so they are trying to get all their “pet peeve” laws passed before they are out of office. They probably want to speed in the left lane like it is there own private road, so they pass a stupid and vague law instead of spending time on the real problems.

Actually, I see a lot of elected (and appointed) officials who can’t handle the “big” problems so they concentration on the small, trite problems and end up with such stupid laws that waste money, waste State Troopers time and probably create more safety problems by such a vague unenforceable law and the confusion caused by signs.
Meanwhile, the “real” problems, sit and are unresolved, while the state legislature rushes to do the bidding of donors, lobbyists and personal pet peeves.

As you can see, I think the law is a stupid, wasteful, unnecessary and unsafe law that will create a lot more problems than it will solve and I don’t see any need for it.

The one good thing (or bad, depending on how you are looking at it) is it gives more “probable cause” for a State Trooper to stop motorists and perhaps apprehend more DUI’s etc.

Continuing on my path of not eating meat. Probably the longest amount of time I have not eaten meat. The other time was when I went through a meat packing plant and couldn’t eat meat for several weeks!

At least I’m not eating meat today. Maybe in the future, but not today.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

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