2018 Spring March 28 Wednesday

45 degrees this morning. No walk

No walk due to light rain, also schedule and concerned I may be getting a “common cold” (as opposed to the coughing kind).

When I stepped outside, I definitely could feel the impact of the rain on the temperature, it made it seem much colder.

Used “Movie Pass” last night. It was very smooth and almost as easy as just walking in and buying a ticket.

“Movie Pass” allows you to attend one movie per day for a set amount per month ($9.99 per month) and it actually works.

I’m really not sure how they will make their money, unless is it like a gym where the people who don’t use it are the “profit”.

I assume they could make the money by “sharing” in the cost of ticket and concessions, although it’s not likely the theaters will go along with that unless it is an obvious advantage to them.

Another method they use to make money may be the data they accumulate, although I have to admit I don’t quite understand how they could make money that way.

One reason I like the “Movie Pass” concept is we are more likely to go to see movies we may not attend anyway. For example we probably never would have watched the movie we watched last night without Movie Pass, but we enjoyed it.

I am rather surprised and disappointed to see the sudden rabid attacks on Facebook. Not to defend them, but I have a hard time understanding the vicious attacks, except it seems to be normal for people to attack things (organizations or people) which are successful and they are jealous of it and try to bring down someone successful to their level.

I am beginning to wonder if the “self driving car” is going to make it under current circumstances. It may well be the technology is simply not there, except for limited use on highways and occasional “self driving” with a human being close.

I did note that “self driving” vehicles like tractors in fields and similar off-road concepts could be very successful.

I really expect the self-driving vehicles will eventually be successful, although I expect the dense areas could be the hardest part.

Still continuing my “meatless” eating pattern. I am looking at the advantages and disadvantages, although I really haven’t researched it too much yet. Someday I may start eating meat again, but not today.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

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