2018 Spring March 29 Thursday

45 degrees this morning. No walk.

No walk this morning, thunder storm coming in. When I can hear the thunder I don’t walk!

While I enjoy Spring and Summer, I tend to forget the occasional storms and rain that mark Spring and Summer!

We do have a storm cellar and I need to make sure that it is clean etc., and that the snake we saw last Summer isn’t hibernating there! If it came to a storm or a being with a snake in the storm shelter, I’d take the storm every time!

For whatever reason, I have always had great difficulty being around snakes, even if they are behind glass cage in a zoo! I remember when I was a kid (and an adult for that matter) doing anything to avoid a snake.

Probably the most memorable was when I was taking Angela (when she was a young girl) to an old graveyard and a snake was in the middle of the road like it was guarding it. We turned around, who really cares about an ancient graveyard. I still think it was like the snake was guarding it, and more power to it!

Of course one of my brothers (who I won’t name) always picked snakes up and threatened me with them.

It is strange what people are scared of, or feel threatened by. I remember reading about a basketball player who was terrified of birds, so opposing fans would make bird sounds when he was shooting free throws!

I was going to avoid saying anything about the lying coward lunatic, (he has become a joke in itself and not worth the time with his insane cowardly actions, abuse of office and lack of anything presidential), but I think his abuse of office in using it for personal attacks (Amazon etc.) means he should be impeached immediately and jailed.

I am amazed anyone would support such a lunatic and a coward who is such a coward he fires people on Twitter!

His latest idiotic action on hiring his physician who is such a sycophant he was saying a lunatic who sits around eating fast food watching unreality tv on fox non-news was “healthy”. What a farce, everyone has learned just lie to the lying coward lunatic and tell him what he wants hear, he will do anything for you!

I hate to think what will happen in dealing with other countries etc., they have learned to just flatter the lying bully lunatic and he’ll sell out the country for them for an insincere flattering comment or a “loan” to his business, or if you stay in a “trump” hotel.

Just started raining hard, this is about the time I normally finish my walk.
Another day without meat, heading on to a second month without meat. I actually have had no problem finding adequate good food that is meatless. I’m not kidding myself that this will continue for a long time, but no meat today.

That’s it for now, Thursday, March 29, 2018.

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