2018 Spring March 30 Friday

40 degrees this morning, no walk this morning 

Started to walk this morning and then decided to not walk, incipient cold with cough.  Decided to not take a chance on making it worse, hopefully avoid another bout with the “common”  cold.  

I hate to miss my walk, but I don’t like the idea of making my cold worse.  I think there is really some debate if it really makes a cold worse, but I hate to take a chance. 

That time of year when I wait for warm weather to come and bemoan the cold days!  At least I know warm weather is due!  As usual there  are several warm days that temp you and then the cold comes back.  

Doctor appointment, what used to be considered the “annual physical”.  Always approach it with a little trepidation, but I always figure, “what is, is”.  I am better off knowing about something something, or at least confirming that nothing is obviously wrong, whichever way it is.  

Actually, I did the tests for this visit some time ago, so I expect I would know by now if there was anything to worry about.  

I expect the elections will really pick up after Easter, there is actually a filing period here in early April  and then the primaries in June.  

Talked to a company who was moving their offices literally across the street yesterday.  The thought of that makes my head hurt!  All fo the packing, moving and then unpacking.  

We are actually in a place where the next time we move, it will probably be a major “weeding” of items.  

I think about that and think how easy it would be to start “weeding” now, or perhaps not.  We have actually “weeded” to the point that most items we have we either feel we will need or may need them or it is simply difficult to  part with the item for whatever reason!

If I can get to the psychological point of realizing that it is rather pointless to keep something I eventually will get rid of, probably without ever using it, it would be ampler to just get ride of it now and enjoy the space!

I always think it is simpler to “weed” items a little at a time, but somehow the “big weeding” when I do a lot at one time seems to be more effective.  Or maybe it is because I haven’t really every gotten committed to the concept of (for example) weeding one thing each day (or week or whatever), whether it is a hat, t-shirt, book, or just something I rarely use.  

I think I need to develop the psychological approach that an item has done it’s duty for me and it is time to let it go!  Easy to say, hard to do.

I think some of it is the realization (or at least the psychological feeling) that when I  weed something I am also weeding that part of my life, which of course is not so.

Another day without meat yesterday.  I will discuss that with the Doctor today.  One problem with not eating meat is I eat a lot more carbs, and I am supposed to be on a low carb diet.  Unfortunately (I guess), I am not a “salad” person or I could just eat a lot more salads. 

Anyway, there will be one more day without meat, since, today I will not eat any meat.  

That’s it for now, Friday, March 30, 2018.

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