2018 Spring April 1 Sunday

42 degrees this morning (feels like 35), walk 43:06 minutes

Cool walk tis morning, “feels like 35” and a 15 mph wind.  Oddly enough, not as cold as some warmer temperatures have felt.

Surprised to get back and realized I had walked 43 minutes rather than the usual 34 or 35.  The mileage confirmed it, since it was about 1/2 miles more than I normally walk.  I looked at the map, and noted  where I walked longer than usual by walking one loop twice!  Apparently I was lost in thought or listening to “Grant” and accidentally walked one loop twice.

Pace was 3 seconds slower than my goal, good considering that i walked about 25% more than usual.

April 1.  I have never been a fan or practical jokes etc., I consider them a form of hidden or even overt bullying, so I have never cared for April 1.

I don’t like the various attempts by the news media etc. to have “April Fool” stories etc. I think there is enough practical  jokes and attempts to fool people without having a special day for it!

However, whatever, if people enjoy it I just don’t enjoy it and ignore it..

Hopefully I have my oldest iPhone to the point it at least will have reasonable speed.  I went through the dreaded “back up and restore” routine yesterday.  It may have helped a little, but I don’t think it really made a lot of difference.  I’ll use it for awhile and see.

Baseball season is starting, thank  goodness.   It means warmer weather is coming, plus I enjoy baseball.   Our first minor league game (that we attend) will be in a week or so.  Hopefully the weather will be warm.

One of the things we dislike about the baseball season is when it is cold in the Spring and you really can’t sit outside and enjoy it!  The letter heat of summer doesn’t bother me, in fact I enjoy it.

Finished the second book of the writer who reminds me of Tony Hillerman. I enjoyed it.

As far as I am concerned, “March Madness” is over, since I don’t really care who wins.  I do have a favorite in he Woman’s Tournament so tonight will actually be the game we want to watch.

One benefit of being a (at least a a short term) vegetarian is that I am forced to try alternatives and I am finding I really enjoy the alternatives!

Maybe as time goes on, I will get tired of it, but, for today, I will not eat any meat in spite the the temptations of the Easter meal!

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 1, 2018.

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