2018 Spring April 3 Tuesday

60 degrees this morning, Walk 34:45 minutes

60 degrees this morning versus 32 degrees yesterday!  That is amazing!   The wind was blowing 24 mph this morning, which I especially noticed on the “high ground” when I was walking against the wind!

Pace was 3 seconds slower than my goal.

I was on the fringes of the “teacher walkout” yesterday. I had appointments close by and could hear and see the news helicopter and many teachers were parked over a mile away and were walking back for lunch etc.  

There was that sense of excitement as at all such events.  

Hopefully they will make their point that voters should have more say than lobbyists and “dark money” donors, but I doubt if that will happen unless the active participation continues.  

Forecast is for a possible “wintry mix” this Friday!  At the very least there will be a “cold front” with high winds, including 30 degrees tomorrow morning!  I am ready for true Spring weather!

Getting into the last stages of “tax season”.  As usual, I usually finish the “low hanging fruit” early and than go through everything about now, trying desperately to find more deductions or other savings!

Due to the trillion dollar tax cuts for lobbyists, big donors and big business and, of course, a huge tax cut for the lying coward pervert lunatic and his family businesses, and resulting shafting of the middle class with higher taxes (disguised as a “tax cut” by a bunch of lying coward Senators and Representatives), I probably won’t be able to deduct mortgage interest, business expense (including my home office) next year and pay higher taxes!

Not only that, but the fiscal irresponsibility will increase interest rates etc, leading to declining stocks etc.  

I downloaded the new IOS for my iPads and was surprised to find that it didn’t have the new battery analysis that showed the condition of the battery, although it may be that they are too old.  They are approaching 5 years old, which is ancient for iPads.  

Of course that means my “iPad 1” (or the “Original or first generation  iPad”), which I believe is about 8 years old meaning it is prehistoric!   The battery is still going strong and I still use it, although of course it still doesn’t run a lot (or any) of the latest programs.

It doss have an app on animals that the kids love (animal sounds etc.) and it is still excellent for music and pictures.  

My “ipod shuffle” batteries still worked fine last time I tried them as does the “original ipod”, which is about 11 years old.  I am amazed the batteries are still good!  

My vegetarian lifestyle continues.  I have found it is hard to be a vegetarian and follow a “low carb” eating pattern.  I am going to have to learn to eat salads and “slow” carbs. 

As usual, I don’t know if or when I will return to eating meat, but not today.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

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