2018 Spring April 4 Wednesday

33 degrees this morning, no walk.

Not only is it 33 degrees this morning, snow is possible Saturday!   I will be glad when Winter is over!

I really didn’t even hesitate about not walking this morning.  33 degrees in April just isn’t natural!

Frequently this time of year seems like a “waiting” period, since Winter is supposed to be over and I am waiting on Summer weather to arrive.  

Listening to Jim Cramer (“Mad Money”), he had an interesting comment about Rules.  

He observed “Rules” come from “experience”.  While he was talking about stock market rules, it seems that could apply to  lot of situations   

I am going to think about situations where this applies and maybe some areas where it doesn’t apply.

I’m debating setting a certain amount of time on this journal, at least on days when I am busy.  

Currently while I don’t have any set rules about how long (or short) my daily entry is, I generally have a general length.

As I have noted at times, most days I have to stop, since to me a blank page on the computer screen usually is meant be filled and I almost never suffer from “Writers Block”.  

However, some days, I may be tired, I may have other things I need to do etc.  On those days, I am thinking about setting a certain amount of time to write and when that time is over, I will complete it regardless of length, unless I am on a roll about writing about something. 

I almost always start writing it without any real thoughts as to exactly what I am going to write about, although some days I may have some specific subjects in mind and the words just seem to flow.  

Trying to focus on my weight (or trying to control my weight), I have started weight myself every day, something that is frequently not recommended.  However, I have noted that it does emphasize the “consequences” of eating too much and the “rewards” of controlling my eating.  

Still adjusting somewhat to eating without eating meat, perhaps.  I still don’t miss eating meat and don’t have any desire for it.  That may chance, but today I will continue not eating meat.

That’s it for today, Wednesday, April 4, 201

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