2018 Spring April 5 Thursday

48 degrees this morning, walk 34:44 minutes

Reasonable pleasant walk this morning  

Pace was 4 seconds faster than goal.  My walking time seems to be fairly consistent lately.  Hopefully I can increase the pace this Spring as warm weather emerges.  

Thinking about the “lifetime” guarantee of a pair of socks I bought about  a year ago.  I wear them as often as possible to see if the guarantee is actually good when they wear out.  Thus far, they have stood up very well!  

About time for me to buy another pair of “walking” shoes.  I always buy a pair of shoes just for my morning walk, which I wear for about 300 to 350 miles, which is generally considered the  maximum for a pair of shoes.  I wear them for causal wear after that.  

I first started buying quality walking shoes then the foot doctor told me “good shoes or surgery” and I decided good shoes weren’t really that expensive!  Certainly a good suggestion by the Doctor! 

Good suggestions are frequently hard to find.  Of course, you don’t know if a “good suggestion” is good until you are committed, or at least have some costs involved. 

I have been recording my dreams on an occasional basis (when I can remember them and when they seem especially vivid.)  

For some reason I haven’t dreamed lately (that I can remember) until an especially vivid dream Wednesday.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Intensive dream I was in a room with a group of other people. I was opening something and someone kept handing me more trash to put in the bag.

I opened my computer and somehow noted I had scraped it or damaged it.  It opened in three parts.

The screen was all wavy and I thought with discouragement about how much trouble it would be to get another work computer approved and start again!  

I sat and talked to someone who seemed familiar but I’m not sure who.

Then I noticed I had broken a letter opener.  For some reason I had three letter owners, and I noted with relief I didn’t break the letter opener I got in Spain in Toledo in 1971.  However, I did break my favorite letter opener 

Strange dream, not like others recently.  No idea as to time or place. 

Started on “salad” last night, hoping I could begin to eat more salad in my quest to live a vegetarian eating style.  Actually was very good, especially with the cheese and mushrooms.  

Today will mark another day in my vegetarian eating style.

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 5, 2018.

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