2018 Spring April 6 Friday

54 degrees this morning, walk 35:14 minutes 

Good walk this morning, no wind et.  

Pace was 14 seconds slower than goal.

Another weekend already!  I’m not complaining except for how fast time goes when I look back.

Strange to see the “Freeze warning” for this area when it is currently 54 degrees out!

I recently noted that I have been keeping a “daily weight book” for years.  The first entry is actually 3-22-2000.  I have generally updated it on a sporadic basis since.  There have been some long lapses, but also some periods when I kept an almost daily record.   

Watching the change in my weight over the years is interesting. In a weight it is helpful sinceI can look at the date and generally coming to some conclusions when my weight trended higher.  

Historical records are interesting for what I can infer from the trends over the years.  

I think what is especially interesting about journals etc., is that I can look at an entry and (in most cases) vividly remember the entire day. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good!

I think if illustrates the capacity of our memory and intellectual abilities, much of what we don’t use on a daily basis, or probably even a monthly or yearly basis!

I have always wondered about the organization of our minds.  I tend to picture outrmemory as a big file cabinet, and the more information we tend to accumulate as we age, the slightly longer it may take to retrieve a piece of information out of all of that massive information!  

At least, it sounds good!  

Another birthday party this weekend!  I really notice time pass in how fast the children seem to grow up.  

I remember when I was a child people would always comment on how much we had grown!  I realize now they didn’t see us all that often and they were surprised also at how fast time has passed and how fast generational change actually is.  

Another day without meat yesterday, as will today be another  day without meat.  

That’s it for now, Friday, April 6 , 2018

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