2018 Spring April 7 Saturday

25 degrees this morning (feels like 13), light freezing drizzle , no walk (for obvious reasons.)

Well, hopefully this is the last of Winter we will see!  It is actually supposed to get into the high 40’s today, cold tomorrow and then into the 70’s next week.

I thought we had escaped all bad winter weather this Winter, although the drizzle is supposed to be over by sunrise.

The local AAA baseball team is having their opener this week and it may even be nice weather!  

Starting to think more about a procedure to “weed” items.  We know at some time, perhaps in the far off future, perhaps not, we are going to have to consider going to to a more maintenance free living environment.  

I have always wished I was better at “handyman” type items, but it is not to be.  That also applies to cars, where one time I was even a failure at changing oil.  This was back when it was relatively easy to change oil, but the first front-wheel drive car was the end of my attempts to even open the hood on a car.  

I have problem opened the hood on a car we have had for about 6 years maybe 2 or 3 times at the most.  I don’t think I have ever opened the hood of the “new” car which is now almost 4 years old.  

Occasionally I will get the urge to try to do some type home repair, maintenance or improvement and then I sit down and try to plan it and realize that I may have many abilities, but that is not one of them.  

Actually, while I’m sure I could learn it somehow, I have never managed to change the tire on a bicycle, something I should know.  Of course AAA will now come out on a bicycle , so maybe  I can not worry about it.  

Actually we were considering not renewing AAA membership since our insurance company offers a similar roadside response program at a nominal cost compared to relatively expensive plan by AAA.  

We also have received less than satisfactory response the few times we called AAA for service.  (One memorable response is I called for assistance in Lakeland, Tennessee and they logged it as Lakeland, Florida, obviously I had to wait a long time!)  Also last year I had a problem with a rental car and AAA was rude and unhelpful to say the least.  At that time, I decided it was time to forget about AAA, but I may need to think about the bicycle roadside assistance. 

Anyway, as I originally mentioned, the difficulty in finding qualified persons to work on the house (at least do decent quality work) is making us thinking about future alternatives. 

As a person who normally doesn’t eat much salad, I have been trying to eat more salads the last couple of days as an alternative to meat.  Not bad really, especially when cheese, mushrooms etc. are included!  

Today will be one more day without meat.

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 7,2018.

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