2018 Spring April 8 Sunday

36 degrees this morning, walk 35:21 minutes

Not near as cold as it sounded this morning, especially after yesterday.  

After I posted yesterday morning, I went out to get the papers and a frozen rain had come through, and it showed as that weird frozen cloud on my weather  app.

Later it snowed, not a lot, but enough to stick for an hour or so.  It actually got up to 48 degrees later in the day and almost seemed warm (unless you were in the wind).  

The record for the latest snow in this area is April 8, when it snowed 3 1/2 inches, which is a lot for this area at any time.  I believe it was 2009

Hopefully this is the last day this Spring when I need to wear my “cold weather” clothing, although I have a feeling it won’t be.

Pace was 22 seconds slower than my goal. Hopefully I will improve a warm weather develops.

Yesterday morning, I feel my chair vibrate and a loud noise.  I really felt the furnace had blown up, but it was on the wrong side of the house.

I checked for damage, and concluded it was another earthquake.  Later in the morning Aliene heard an earthquake and we learned there had been four earthquakes (one a 3.1) in the area that morning.  

I think by now everyone has concluded that  the “deep salt water wells” are responsible.  I hope they decide they need to find alternatives to creating numerous earthquakes.  

Basically they are throwing the cost of oil well drilling (or at least the salt water disposal) on the residents of the area and they make all of the money from it, all we have are the worry and expenses! 

For example, I feel they should reclaim the salt water, there are methods to do so, it may be expensive, but they should be responsible for their own costs..

Probably no accident that the earthquakes increased a lot during the term of the career criminal tax $ eating pruitt as Attorney General when he was carrying water for the oil and gas companies and living in luxury, taking luxury vacations described as “work” on tax $. and using tax $ to cater to his donors, lobbyists and his buddies (contributors etc)in the oil and gas business.  

Of course, he really went to town on the tax $ in Washington DC, with a 20 person security detail costing millions of dollars, luxury trips on First Class airfare, luxury hotels and eating in expensive restaurants, all on tax $ and not really related to his work.  What a crook.  

Of course now it is coming out just how unethical he is, taking bribes (in the form of $50 per night housing)  from lobbyists for EPA, giving unapproved raises to his buddies etc.  Again, what a crook.

What really bothers me is that the state’s two Senators more of less said “so what” , they are supporting their crooked buddy no matter what he does.   They said something to the effect “so a friend (who happened to be lobbying the EPA) let him stay at his house so, what!

Makes me wonder now what hi-iinks they have been up too if their ethical standards are that low!

I have noticed that since I stopped eating meat, sweets (candy bars, donuts, cake, cookies etc) have become harder to resist (they have always been hard for me to resist).

Anyway, today will be one more day without meat and hopefully I will keep the sweets at a minimum also!

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 8, 2018.

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