2018 Spring April 9 Monday


42 degrees this morning walk 35:20 minute

42 degrees is always a hard temperature to dress for my walk, it can en up being much cooler than expected or even almost pleasant.   

This morning it definitely went on the cool side, although without a wind which would have made it very cool.

Pace was 2 seconds slower than my goal, which is really meeting the goal.  

There always seems to be a gray area where you may not exactly meet your goal, but you do anyway if you are close!

Kind of like “when are you late”.  Are you late at exactly the time you are supposed to be there (i.e. 8:01 you are  late) or is 5 minutes actually “late”. 

I guess a lot of it it is situational.  You can be “late” for some things and its doesn’t really matter, other situations it is a real problem if you are even a second late.  

A lot of it is ‘the wisdom to know the difference”, when it is ok to be late and when it is a major problem. 

Just had another earthquake.  This one actually shook the house.  They are getting worse and more dangerous.  My water bottle and the furniture actually shook.  

A year ago, I would have really freaked out. Now I just calmly think “another earthquake”  This was a strong one. 

Some years ago, I bought some “Ecco” shoes, which are shoes that are supposed to be high quality.  

One pair of shoes I got, the soles literally fill apart.  I go them resoled, but it really wasn’t     satisfactory and I just threw them away.

Another pair, I bought, the soles fill apart also after a number of years. I hadn’t worn them for a long time, but decided to send them bak under their warranty.  I figured I wouldn’t get anything  but still better than just throwing them away.  

I was surprised to get an e-mail basically an a coupon which basically provided a new pair of shoes!  I went ahead and ordered a new pair of “casual
 shoes, which I can wear when I am working.

Perhaps one of the best changes in the current dress culture is the acceptance of “sneakers” or casual shoes (or ‘walking shoes”) in almost any situation, even with a suit. 

I”m not sure ‘d actually wear them with a suit, but I sure them wear  them with almost anything else!

We used to call them “tennis shoes” for whatever reason.  Now I probably call them “running” or “walking” shoes. 

Anyway, since we can specifically wear such shoes when we are “in he field” I got another “in the field” shoes.

Another day without meat, and today will be one more day without eating any meat.

That’s it for now, Monday, April 9, 2018.

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