2018 Spring April 11 Wednesday

59 degrees this morning, Walk 34:26 minutes

Definitely a “cold 59 degrees” this morning.  The wind was higher than I expected and it was very cold when I had to walk “against the wind” (which actually was coming from the south).  

It is difficult to dress for the temperature in this time of year when 59 degrees can seem cooler than 36 degrees!  

Pace was 5 seconds faster than my goal.  

I think if I took all my times, they would probably average around my goal time, maybe slightly more.  

The earthquake I felt the other morning was a 4.2, which is one of the strongest ever in Oklahoma.  I did read where the state is limiting “salt water disposal” wells more, but they need to require that other ways be found to dispose of salt water.

It really doesn’t any sense that they are allowed  throw their costs onto the public in the form of earthquakes (as well as destruction of roads, pollution of the environment etc.). 

I have a hard time believing they can’t find the technology to recycle the salt water, they just want to take the easy way out and they “donate” heavily to the politicians to make sure they can continue to avoid the costs of production.  

What really is distressing is the salt water disposal owners actively import salt water fro states where they control it better to this state, where we again have to pay for their profits with earthquakes, road destruction etc.

Another dream yesterday that was very strong and that I wrote down.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dreamed at  home with Aliene and I was called about something at work.  While I was talking, I noticed smoke coming our from where the computer was plugged in.  

I mentioned it but had a hard time explaining there may be a fire.  

Later, Aliene had a group of women in for some kind of meeting.  I felt uncomfortable, but she said to stay unless more came in.  Not sure what the meeting was all about.  There were 3 or 4 chairs vacant, so I figured it was ok.

Later we were outside, there was a very hilly area, with lots of retaining walls.  I don’t recall much more from that.  It kind of reminded me of Dorrance, Kansas where I went to high school for several years. 

Later we were at a “performance” (I don’t remember what) at a Theatre, which, if I recall, for some reason I thought was in Norman Oklahoma, have no idea as to why.

We were seated on the “ramp” going up into the Theatre.  (A ramp for people who couldn’t climb stairs)>   There were seats faced the normal way (looking down on the performance), but we were looking “up” and the performance was on the area that is normally the wall to the side of the stage

I thought it was strange to be looking up. at the performance.  

Aliene left and went and sat someplace else.

During the third act, someone called “fire” and smoke started going out of the ceiling.  

I stood up and waited for Aliene.  A bunch of women in mink coats were leaving, all in arderly fashion.  

I went outside.  

I woke up., relieved it was only a dream

First baseball game tonight, but I will continue my alternative of not eating meat, at least for today, even it there are corndogs!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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