2018 Spring April 13 Friday

71 degrees this morning, wind 22 mph, Walk 33:35 minutes

Wind definitely blowing this morning, making it seem much cooler than 71 degrees.  Not quite time for “sitting on the patio” weather, at least in the early morning dark!  

I thought about not walking this morning due to the wind, but decided I had better get used to it!

Pace was 11 seconds below my goal.  

Actually walked one of the shortest distances I can walk on my normal route.  I never know for sure why the distance changes, it ranges from .10 to .20, and usually is around .16.  

Tax time this weekend.  I feel I am read to file, just need to do a last review.  Since I have to pay, I always wait until the last minute to actually file.

I know all of the experts say to adjust your withholding so you don’t get a tax refund or don’t pay, but it is sure nice to get a refund!

It is true you are “loaning” your money to the government without any interest etc., but, give me a break, the amount of “interest” most people “lose” is so small it is meaningless. 

Also, so many people (probably me included) wouldn’t save the money anyway, so it is nice to get a “refund” and actually have some money for something.  It has been so long since I have gotten a tax refund, I forget the feeling.  

Another example of the “experts” thinking in unpractical terms and not with the viewpoint of the target audience they are looking forward too.

I think a more realistic view would be to encourage some taxpayers to go ahead and use the tax refund as a “forced savings” plan, at least in small ways.  Of course, there is always the chance it would also provide an opportunity for the government of someone to “seize” the refund under some conditions. 

Probably overall, the best procedure is to adjust withholding so you cover all expected taxes, but I think some people would be better served to use it as a savings vehicle and the “experts” are simply wrong in saying anyone with a normal amount of income should bringing “interest” into consideration.  

Anyone who is making enough money to worry about the “interest” they are losing on their tax withholding should be consulting their own personal financial adviser, not really someone in a newspaper, magazine or on the internet.

Another day without meat.  Coming up on two months without meat.  Today will be another day without meat.  Tomorrow, who knows.

That’s it for now, Friday, April 13, 2018.  

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