2018 Spring April 14 Saturday

38 degrees this morning, no walk

Up to 86 degrees yesterday, 38 degrees this morning with winds of around 23 degrees, “feels like” 27 degrees.  I don’t even really think about walking!

Rather spookily, there is also a veil of smoke from the grass fires, which actually aren’t that close, apparently the wind blew it in.  The Health Department even issued a pollution alert, another reason I didn’t walk.  

The local Fire Department noted that they received over 300 phone calls asking about fires in the area (there are none).  

Went to a baseball game last night and it was like a fog, the smoke was heavy for awhile.  

Election season is here.  Filing for many state offices has just finished and there is a record number of filings for a variety of offices.  

I think it was a shock when the newspaper reported how many of the State representatives and senators didn’t have any opposition, even though they are obviously carrying water for lobbyists, donors and out of state “dark money” extremist nuts  and don’t really represent the citizens or even the state.   

I think it created a lot of interest in filing for public office, hopefully it will result in a more legislature more responsive to the citizens and less to the lobbyist, donors and out of state dark money extremist nuts who don’t really care about the state, they only care about shoving their extremist policies down our throats. 

Hopefully one of the first things the newly elected representatives  do  (at the national level) will be to repeal the “Citizens United” decision and stop the influence of “dark money”, which is really only extortion and bribery.

Income taxes due this weekend.  Watching the extreme waste at the federal level (huge sums for “security” and luxury trips by the appointed officials, the lying coward lunatic stealing millions  for his private companies and wasting millions on golf trips every weekend etc., the Congress   and sycophants shoveling trillions to their donors, lobbyists etc.) doesn’t make it easy to pay the taxes I need to pay!  

What makes it worst is to see our elected Senators basically approve of the waste because one of the worst money wasters is their “good old buddy”.  

Anyway, enough of that, not much I can do about it except vote and express my total disgust, which gets tiresome and doesn’t really do a lot of good.  

Thinking again about “self driving” cars.  Recent events makes it appear that true “self driving” cars will be further away than we expected.  

Of course, even new technology has some problems and unexpected problems.  I was reading about the technology that has to be included in a “self driving” car, and it really has to be ready for the unexpected, which is probably the hardest part of it.  

If all the cars were self driving cars, they probably would work fine.  However in the “real world” there are motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and even animals who are always prone to doing something unexpected.  


Maybe they will figure it out.  I wonder if they shouldn’t be concentrating more on the “over the road” type of self driving where, in my opinion, it is more valuable anyway.  The actions I see in urban driving makes it difficult for me to believe they will ever be able to develop a “self driving car” which will be able to react to all of the unexpected actions!

Another day without meat.  Again, I am still not really even tempted by any meat, whether it is red meat, fish or chicken.  So today will be another day without meat.  We’ll see about tomorrow when it arrives. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 14, 2018.

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