2018 Spring April 16 Monday

37 degrees this morning, walk 34:27 minutes

Walk this morning was cool, but the wind has gone down considerable, which makes a big difference.

Pace was 10 seconds below my goal.  

The weather has really been crazy from the 80’s last week to 29 this weekend and now back to the 80’s. 

I don’t mind the 80’s at all, I wish it would stay there!  

We are looking at projects we need to do with the house.  As usual, it is difficult to find contractors we can trust to do a decent job.  Home repair is kind of the wild, wild west.  

We have had a  lot of cases where someone does a quick, poor job and overcharges just because they can get by with it.  There is no real way to find a reliable person, other then check as much as possible and hope for the best.  

If they do a good job and overcharge, I don’t mind near as much!  

Probably one of the worst was after we moved to this house, a HVAC company came out, charged a bunch for a worthless computer report that basically was a sales job  and then had the gall to tell us a year later it was “time for our checkup”.  they charged $400, we had it done after that for $100.  

We realize to some degree “you get what you pay for”, and a responsible business needs to charge enough to pay expenses and provide a reasonable profit for the owners. 

Basically as long as we get a contractor who who  will do a good responsible job, and charges in accordance with their estimate, we are satisfied. 

Another strong, really intense dream:

Sunday April 15 2018

Dreamed was at a Formula 1 race (not sure where)

Dreamed not really at the race but just in the area.

I got lost and wondered around a bunch of underground areas.  I could see and occasionally hear a race car.  I was completely lost and there was a lot of concrete, and changes in elevation etc.  

Suddenly I saw a huge ball of black smoke from a big building near me and could even feel the heat.

I heard sirens.  I woke up.

It was really an intense dream it took me a while to realize it was only a dream.

Major characteristics was the underground areas and huge areas.  The black smoke is  supposedly a symbol of some sort. 

Still not temped to eat meat as I approach two months without meat.  Something I would have never thought  would happen a year ago, or even three months ago!  Today will be another day without meat.  

That’s it for now, Monday, April 16, 2018.


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