2018 Spring April 18 Wednesday

65 degrees this morning, walk 34:05 minutes 

Again a “cool” 65 degrees during my walk.  I even wished I had bought along my gloves!   The wind really made a huge difference in making the 65 degrees much cooler.  I believe the wind was blowing at about 17 mph.

It is strange the wind is blowing so much more this  year (although this state is known for the wind), in the 3 1/2 years we’ve lived here, the wind has been much worse this year.

Pace was 13 seconds faster than my goal, which has been a really positive trend as far as my walking speed.

I also try to monitor my heart “beats per minute” as I walk.  I really don’t know what is good (or bad for that matter) as far as heart beats per minute while I walk.  My normal heart beat is somewhat lower than normal (as low as 38 bpm while I’m resting) so I’m not sure what is “normal” for me when I’m walking.

Eye appointment yesterday, everything is “normal”, which I like to hear!  As I age, I realize that there will be a time when the news is not good, but I’ll face that when I get to it.  It makes me appreciate each day more.

My headphones I use while I walk this morning started me thinking about how irrational we are about “things” we own.

I have a set of headphones I use while I walk.  I probably paid $10 for them, if that.  They are worth about what I paid for them, especially considering I really like my Apple headphones and I have a bunch of them.  

Regardless,I keep using the cheap pair of headphones I really don’t like, even though I pay a lot more than $10 for a meal etc, or, I regret to say, waste more than $10 easily.

Meanwhile I hold on to using a set of headphones I really don’t like, even though I have enough good headphones to literally last a lifetime, at least my lifetime!!  

There is something psychological about letting go of something I own, even when I really don’t like it, the cost is insignificant and I continue to use it even though I don’t like it and have plenty of better quality ones!  

Does’t make any sense, even to me!  

The same thing applies to shoes.  I have shoes (pre-foot doctor who advised, for me, “cheap shoes” are not cheap, but will result in expensive foot surgery, that I simply psychologically can’t just give away, even though they don’t really fit and only cost about $20 and I never will wear.  Sigh!  

I have decided I am going to start getting rid of such “vampire possessions” that simply suck up space, time etc. and that it is absolutely stupid to keep.  Also, I will steel myself to put  the headphones in the donation box and use some decent headphones!

Still don’t have any desire for meat, in fact occasionally the thought makes me slightly nauseated for some strange reason that I sure is somehow psychologically relates meat to being sick.  Whatever the reason, this will be another day without meat.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 18, 2018. 

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